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Posted On: 5 May 2020 09:46 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 09:11 am

Ministry issues report on effectiveness of distance learning

Sumaica Asad
Sumaica Asad
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Schools, kindergartens and higher education institutions can operate at 100% capacity: Ministry

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education released the sixth report on the distance learning system, including data and information for many important aspects that were measured about the effectiveness of the distance learning platform in school education in the State of Qatar, and the latest developments compiled until April 30, along with a review of several statistics and conclusions.

The report included graphs, statistics, and data on the total number of video lessons that were produced until April 30 for public education students, specialized schools, audio education and integration schools, in addition to daily and weekly assessments, and the number of lessons published on 19 YouTube channels for the stages from kindergarten to 12th grade and adult education.

The report also contained the number of video lessons, daily assignments, and weekly assessments for students at all levels, and the number of participants in the production of lessons.

According to the report, the total number of video lessons that were produced until April 30, 2020, amounted to about 23,533 video lessons, including 19,908 video lessons in special education and integration schools, 2,456 in public education schools, and 1,169 in specialized schools.

The number of daily homework that were published on the "Microsoft Teams" program for the various stages, subjects and adult education reached about 2,121 homework daily, while the number of weekly assessments that were produced (such as Microsoft Forms) that were completed until April 30, reached about 756 weekly assessments for the various stages, subjects, and adult education.

The number of YouTube educational channels, according to the report, reached 19 channels for the stages from kindergarten to the 12th grade and adult education, knowing that the total number of views is 8,410,862 views, the total number of subscribers to the channels is 83,795 subscribers, the total number of watch hours is 401,602 hours, and the total number of videos published is 2,220 videos, where the average number of views per video is 3,789 views, and highest number of views for a video is 21,871 views.

Concerning the number of video lessons that were produced according to each stage, the total number reached 2,456 video lessons, including 2,121 lessons for grades three to 12, 273 lessons for the foundation stage, 48 lessons for the introductory stage, and 14 for adult education, while the number of lessons and homework that were produced and presented for kindergarten students until April 23 reached about 48 video lessons and interactive homework.

The number of lessons and assignments that were offered to foundation students reached about 236 video lessons and homework, and the number of video lessons and daily assignments in the form of "Forms" that were produced for third to 12th grade students in all tracks, according to each article separately, reached 2,121 video lessons and 2,121 homework daily.

According to the report, the number of weekly assignments that were submitted to students from the third to 12fth grades in all tracks reached 648 weekly assignments in science, Arabic and English languages, mathematics, Islamic education, social studies, computing, information technology, business administration, and French language.

The total number of participants in the production of lessons was 976 from special education teachers, support services specialists, teaching cadres, mentors, special education coordinators, and e-learning specialists, while the number of video lessons produced for students with special needs reached 19,908 lessons for integration and support schools, Al Hidaya schools, and the Audio Education Complex.

About the most prominent distance learning statistics for specialized schools as included in the report, the Qatar School of Science and Technology has produced 294 video lessons, presented 126 weekly assessments for students at all levels of education, and allocated five lessons per day for each grade (simultaneous teaching), and a total of 28 lessons per week for each grade, while specialist laboratory subjects included asynchronous communication.

The Qatar Banking Studies and Business Administration (boys and girls) produced 234 video lessons for specialized subjects, presented 78 weekly assessments of specialized subjects, and prepared 234 daily homework for these subjects. The Religious Institute (preparatory/secondary) for boys produced 342 video lessons for specialized subjects, offered 305 weekly assignments, and prepared 305 daily homework.

The Qatar Technical Secondary School for Boys produced 299 video lessons for specialized subjects and prepared 103 weekly assessments and daily assignments for specialized subjects.

The report noted that the distance learning system and its interactive platform have achieved additional achievements as well, the most important of which is the continuation of providing technical support to the program for schools and parents. It pointed out that in the event of any obstacles or challenges they may face while using the system, call the hotline 155 24 hours a day, the technical support department in the ministry, the coordinators in the schools in the morning, and the emergency team in the ministry in the evening.

Source: QNA