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Choose from a wide variety of bags, school supplies, accessories, and more! Visit Jarir Bookstore Qatar and check out the Back to School Festival!
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Watch the video to know all the cool things in store for you at the brand new 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum Gift Shop & Café!
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Are you looking for a new car that has a good price and all the latest features? Check out this video as Mr. Q talks about the new Geely Okavango!
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Watch this video and recap what happened through 2021 in Qatar!
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Purchase items and collectibles by renowned artists and designers like Jeff Koons & Christian Dior from the IN-Q Gift Shop!
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Enjoy Doha's scenic landscape in Jass Manak's latest video 'Suit Punjabi'!!!
It looks like Qatar is fast becoming the latest backdrop for Punjabi songs. Watch the video, listen to the finger-tapping lyrics and see how many Doha locations you can recogn...
16 September 2018
Top 5 traditional cafes in Qatar!
Tired of franchise cafes? Why not give these 100% Qatari coffee spots a try? Click here to know our top picks!
15 September 2018
Qatar approves permanent residency for expats!
Good news for the expats in Qatar! You can obtain permanent residency permit (PRP) of Qatar under certain rules and conditions.
5 September 2018
No need for exit permits in Qatar!
Exit permit is not required anymore for expats? Watch this video for more information!
5 September 2018
Watch Punjabi Singer Guri's latest hit song filmed in Doha!!!
Check out the video and see Qatar in all its glory. Enjoy the foot-tapping, finger-snapping song and see how many of the Doha locations you can recognise!
29 August 2018
Job Champions Competition by INJAZ Qatar - Part 3
The last episode of the Job Champions by INJAZ Qatar ended in a challenging competition. Click the link below to know who won the race.
4 August 2018
FARES performs national anthems from around the globe!
Watch Fares and listen to him sing national anthems from around the globe.
30 July 2018
Book your accommodation with InterContinental® Doha the City today!
If what you're looking for is a stylish and modern living experience in a fully-furnished studio room, 1-4 bedroom apartment or residential suite, then InterContinental® Doha...
29 July 2018
Job Champions Competition by INJAZ Qatar - Part 2
Click here to watch Injaz Qatar's second episode!
28 July 2018
Ten Most Instagrammable Places in Qatar!
You still have time to head to one or two of these places before going back to reality!
28 July 2018
Metro and stations in Qatar to open soon
Who is excited to ride Metro in Qatar? Check out this video to find out how it looks like and where the stations are!
26 July 2018
Concerns grow over paid protest in London against Qatari Amir
A casting agency put out an ad looking for bogus protesters to join an "Anti-Qatar event" outside the gates of Downing Street. Click to watch the full video.
25 July 2018
Job Champions Competition by INJAZ Qatar - Part 1
Welcome to the first episode of the Job Champions Competition by INJAZ Qatar. The first-ever 'Job Champions' competition in Qatar gives the students a fresh perspective on car...
21 July 2018
Job Champions Competition by INJAZ Qatar
The first-ever 'Job Champions' competition in Qatar gives the students a fresh perspective on career-training programmes.
18 July 2018
Discovering KidzMondo Doha
Did you visit KidzMondo Doha yet? We recently took a journey to this wonderful little world. So come along with us and discover more about this amazing city!
18 July 2018
Qatar receives World Cup mantle from Russia!
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday, July 15 handed over the mantle of World Cup host to the Emir of Qatar. Congratulations Qatar!
15 July 2018
For You - Tamim Al Majd: A song dedicated by Dana Al-Haroon
Dana Al-Haroon, a young Qatari girl dedicated a song for the Emir of Qatar to express her love and solidarity with the Emir!
5 July 2018
Come to Vine at St.Regis to watch the World Cup 2018!
The game is still on! Check out Vine to watch World Cup 2018.
2 July 2018
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