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Posted On: 17 December 2020 10:36 pm
Updated On: 18 December 2020 12:11 am

'Power Your Creativity' with the Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G series

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'Power Your Creativity' with the Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G series (Xiaomi)

One of the biggest global technology leaders - Xiaomi - is fast becoming the talk of the town with its newly released duo of smartphones: the Mi 10T 5G and the Mi 10T Pro 5G. Both smartphones in the series are technically advanced with all the latest specifications which, as the names of the phones suggest, offer a 5G experience, and that, too at an affordable price. If that in itself isn't a hook to buy one of these smartphones, we can give you more reasons that'll guarantee you buy one before you've even gotten to the bottom of this writeup!

Asraf NK - The Division Manager of Intertec Group WLL, the sole distributor of Xiaomi in Qatar - said at the launch of the Mi 10T 5G and the Mi 10T Pro 5G in Qatar:

“The overall mobile market in the region is changing rapidly. Xiaomi is one of the fast-growing smartphone brands in the region. Xiaomi has become one of the leading Smart Phone brands in Qatar. As per the latest IDC report for Q3 2020 (July-Sep 2020), Xiaomi is the number 1 mobile brand in Qatar with a 34% Market Share. We are very much excited and pleased to unveil the new flagship model of Mi 10T Series Smart Phone in Qatar, which encompasses a new 5G user experience.”

First of all, let's talk about one of its main features: the 5G experience.

Xiaomi 5G experience

Why is everyone talking about 5G these days? With 5G, your whole mobile experience goes up to a level you may never have imagined before, and the same is true for the Mi 10T 5G series smartphones:

  • You'll have greater speed, which is approximately 10-100x faster than the 4G.
  • You'll get a better bandwidth so there can be more devices connected on a network.
  • You'll enjoy a more stable connection.
  • You'll have better network reliability. (Smartprix)

Aren't these some of the main features we want with our smartphones? That's why the Mi 10T 5G and the Mi 10T Pro 5G are some of the hottest smartphones on the market right now. And, rightly so!

'Power Your Creativity' with the Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G series
Image credit: Xiaomi

Who is the Mi 10T 5G series perfect for?

Since Xiaomi has been at the forefront of innovating its core features to optimise power efficiency, performance, and 5G connectivity in its smartphones, it's perfect for everyone: from working professionals to stay-at-homers, from streaming enthusiasts to mobile gamers, because it guarantees a smooth experience, optimum battery usage, and there are a number of colour variations to choose from. The Mi 10T 5G series comes with a massive 5,000mAh (typ) and 33W wired charging so you can benefit from quick charging and long battery life.

The Mi 10T 5G series is also empowered with Flagship Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865. More importantly, Xiaomi’s AdaptiveSync display automatically matches the content’s frame rate, so you can enjoy your favourite movies at 48Hz or watch TV series at 50Hz. And, if you're into streaming videos, you can do so at 30Hz or 60Hz, and for gaming or just scrolling through your social media accounts, you'll get up to 144Hz.

In addition, both the Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro come with 8GB RAM and 128GB/256GB ROM, so you can decide what works best for you.

'Power Your Creativity' with the Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G series
Image credit: Xiaomi

How can the Mi 10T series 'Power Your Creativity'?

The Mi 10T 5G Series smartphones offer an impressive triple camera setup; the main camera can feature up to 108MP, 13MP ultra wide-angle camera and 5MP macro camera to bring a completely unique new photographic experience to Xiaomi customers. The camera of this well-equipped Xiaomi 5G smartphone series is made up of six Standalone Long Exposure Modes so you can capture the most beautiful, creative and artsy shots, from moving crowds – which focuses on an idle subject while blurring dynamic surroundings – to star trails – which creates a swirling starry sky effect.

Photo Clones is, perhaps, Xiaomi's most amazing futuristic innovation that's within the Mi 10T Series. This unique and create feature captures four of you in a single shot.

Plus, the Timed Burst feature offers endless opportunities for fun, so you can set up photos with a time gap that can also be converted into video, while three new Photo Filters – Cyberpunk, Gold Vibes and Black Ice – help bring the desired mood to life.

Wait...there's even more!

The Mi 10T series also has the Video Clones that captures “two selves” in one video and the Dual Video so you can record from the device’s front and back cameras simultaneously.

So, are you ready to 'Power Your Creativity' like never before with the Mi 10T 5G series which will take creating and exploring to the next level, with unmatched specs in its class?

Extracted from Xiaomi Press Release; Smartprix
Cover image credit: Xiaomi