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Posted On: 25 August 2022 05:35 pm
Updated On: 25 August 2022 05:56 pm

Team Qatar advances to 48th position in FIFA ranking of global teams

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Qatar football team 48th position fifa ranking

FIFA announced on 25 August 2022 that Qatar's football team has ranked at the 48th position in the global category and at the 5th position within the Asia category of the monthly ranking.

Brazil maintained their position as number 1 within the global category, with Belgium and Argentina following in second and third positions.

The FIFA ranking procedure follows a new model that took effect in 2018 named as 'SUM'. The model looks at adding/subtracting points won or lost for a game to/from the previous point totals rather than averaging game points over a given time period.

Source: FIFA
Cover image credit: Marsal Qatar