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13 June 2018 01:03 pm

Where to go in Qatar if you or someone close to you is depressed

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If you or someone close to you shows symptoms of depression (for more information on depression, click here), it is very important to get help as soon as possible. If depression is left untreated, it can be very harmful for the individual as well as those who are caring for such people. The following is a list of places where you can seek help for depression:

1. Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Mental Health Service (MHS)

HMC’s Mental Health Service is Qatar’s main provider of specialized mental health care and its treatment and provides a range of acute and community-based services that include inpatient, consultation/liaison and emergency services. Therapies such as psychology and psychotherapy are also available.

The HMC MHS provides support and treatment to adults, senior citizens, and even children and teenagers who may be suffering from mental health issues like depression or anxiety. It offers a comprehensive assessment to all those who seek help and tries to tailor the service and support offered based on the needs of each individual.

The MHS team

The MHS team include multidisciplinary healthcare professionals dedicated to helping those experiencing mental health problems to recover and lead more fulfilling lives. They use their expertise and resources to deliver professional and compassionate care that is focused on recovery and rehabilitation based on the vision, mission and values aligned with Qatar’s National Mental Health Strategy of 2013 – 2018 - a framework designed to aid improving the lives of individuals and families in Qatar and building a strong, successful nation.

The MHS and the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC)

The MHS works closely with the PHCC and other healthcare providers in Qatar to help patients on the journey towards better health. In most cases, the first step to getting professional help is to visit the local PHCC and see a doctor there. Most family doctors are trained to listen to mental health concerns and, if needed, will give a referral for an expert who will provide further assessment and diagnosis. An assessment by a trained healthcare professional is important to help establish the nature of these symptoms and determine how best HMC help the individual get better. A large number of individuals receive their care and treatment in the PHCC if the condition is not too serious but ongoing care and treatment may also be offered at HMC’s residential centre depending on the nature of the individual’s mental health issues. A small number of people may need to stay in the hospital to support their recovery and some people may require long-term care and support. The assessment will help determine the right type of care and treatment that should be provided.

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2. Weyak 

A non-profit association known as The Mental Health Friends Association, ‘Weyak’ is a local Doha-based organisation specifically established to help those suffering from various forms of mental illness in Qatar, like depression, anxiety, etc. Besides providing free counselling services to anyone seeking help through online and telephone counselling, Weyak ensures their privacy is protected; callers are not required to identify themselves. Raising awareness on mental health issues The organisation strives to raise awareness in the community on the importance of good mental health through programmes that encourage people to make lifestyle changes. It also seeks to promote a positive outlook while persuading individuals to look beyond their limitations and circumstances. It encourages people to seek help rather than hide from mental illness. Weyak takes a multi-pronged approach in working towards spreading awareness within the Qatari society on matters of mental health, while helping to reduce the stigma attached to mental health. It publishes information on the subject regularly, screens relevant films, conducts lectures and workshops, and also advocates its cause through social media. Weyak services save lives Weyak services have helped save the lives of people with suicidal tendencies. When people wish to avail of the online counselling service offered by Weyak, they can use their phone-in service or post their question on the website; these questions and problems are then reviewed and answered by qualified specialists. The assistance offered is not limited to those suffering from the illness but is also extended to the caregivers of those affected by the condition. For more details, go to

3. Al Ahli Hospital

Al Ahli Hospital has a dedicated psychiatric department that helps individuals suffering from mental health issues to overcome the problem and lead happy, fulfilling lives.

It’s team of experts in the field of mental health provide treatment that includes, but is not limited to just psychotherapy, behavior modification techniques and medication, which helps people suffering from depression to cope with their thoughts and overcome the problem. It provides services to people of all age groups either within the psychiatric department or by making home visits, and also provides consultations and counselling for personal and family problems.

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4. The International Medical Centre

The International Medical Centre provides psychology and counselling services that include of a range of therapy options like counselling, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, relationship / couples / family counselling, coaching and mindfulness therapy to adults, couples, children, young people and families. It’s experienced clinically qualified psychologists provide a totally private, confidential and non-judgemental environment to challenge unhelpful thoughts and assumptions, and give the individual suffering from mental health related-problem like depression the tools to shift behaviours to break the negative cycle and improve emotional resilience and well-being

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5. Dr. Aju’s Clinic

Dr Aju’s Clinic is a mental health clinic and counselling centre that was established in Doha at the beginning of 2007. It is run by Dr Aju Abraham, a UK-qualified Consultant Psychiatrist, with years of experience in treating various complex mental health problems, like depression.

The clinic has a strong emphasis on the combination of routine psychiatric evaluation along with psychometric testing for a complete and accurate evaluation and treatment of mental and behavioural disorders. It provides psychiatric treatment to children, adults and older people. It has different treatments available using psychopharmacological, psychotherapeutic and psychological methods for a wide range of problems.

Counselling is also offered for marital problems, work related stress, family dysfunction and various other individual difficulties.

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6. Doha Clinic Hospital

Doha Clinic Hospital’s facilities and services are appreciated and recommended by both Qataris and expatriates. The hospital covers a vast range of insurance companies and is located in the heart of Doha for easy access. It is operational round-the-clock 24/7 365 days a year with fully-equipped ambulance facilities and quality staff. 

Doha Clinic Hospital was the first fully-integrated private hospital to open in Qatar and offers first-class medical care which includes psychiatric evaluation and treatment. The dedicated and experienced Psychiatrists in its Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic treat adults (21 years and above) after comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, offer diagnosis and treat a number of mental health problems.

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It is very important to understand that if you or a loved one is showing signs of depression, seek help immediately. Please do not hesitate; please do not wait. Do let us know if you find this post helpful and what you think in our comments section.