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Posted On: 24 June 2016 10:43 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Your 7 Good Deeds for the third Week of Ramadan

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The third week was introduced with Garangao and marked the second half of Ramadan. By now, many Muslims have read the Qur’an once or even more and continue to read it over until the end of Ramadan. It’s a beautiful time; Ramadan has had its effect on people and their minds and we begin seeing the end with Eid, but it is not yet time for a countdown. I have found that Ramadan is now more internalized, which is an amazing feeling. However we don’t want to stray from our good deeds for every day; which is why we continue without a break into these seven days of being good and externalizing by sharing joy. Have a look and try to complete this week’s proposed good deeds for the week!

1. Offer a seat to someone in a crowded place

This does not just go for the elderly. Remember that you do not know everyone’s life and you won’t possibly know if they feel dizzy, tired, sad, or if they just had surgery or are pregnant. But if you find yourself in a crowded place (especially during the day when you can’t drink) and you are of good health, offer your seat to someone else. This is where relief starts!

2. Help carry groceries

This is quite self-explanatory. If your mother, your husband, wife, or neighbor arrives from grocery shopping, be the helping hand. Food shops are usually quite big during Ramadan, so don’t let anyone do it on their own!

3. Play a game with your siblings, cousins, nieces etc.

Create a nice space for your little ones to have a little fun. You can play a board game or read to them. Dedicate this time to them, and to them only without a break in attention. Place your mobile on silent and far from the game. This allows you to come closer to the children and to have a little fun yourself!

4. Reorganize your closet and give to charity

It’s time to sort through your closet. I know this ain’t easy. So many clothes, yet nothing to wear… and still you can’t get rid of anything. But if you make space, your clothes may breathe again and you can stock up on Eid couture. The clothes that are in good condition can be donated by dropping them at one of the many Tayf collection boxes around town. Then your clothes get a new purpose with someone who needs it!

5. Buy a newspaper or two

Buy a newspaper? How could this possibly be a good deed? Well, are you ever on the road and see men selling newspapers in the morning hours during traffic? They might be on the road for a long time and are also fasting. One newspaper will cost you 3 QR, and if you buy a couple, they’re done earlier! Newspapers for your colleagues perhaps?

6. Invite a friend for coffee

Everything in Ramadan happens in big groups; eating, spending time together, praying, going out etc. How about focusing your attention on one person for an evening? You can invite them over to your house, prepare tea and coffee and have some dessert or sweets. A one-on-one tea session is very rewarding, because you finally have time to really listen to one another and re-appreciate the other person. Let them know you care about them!

7. Leave a parking spot to someone else

Finding parking is very exhausting. After futoor everyone is out and trying to find parking. So leaving your spot to someone else may not your first choice. Though your road behavior defines who you are as well! Look a little longer and give your spot to a family or maybe someone who’s in a rush.

Be humble, be selfless and share the happiness you have. Not everyone is as lucky as you and me. So let’s all complete our seven good deeds until next Friday. Surprise yourself with how elevated your mood will be when you regularly do good without expecting anything in return.

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