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Posted On: 19 July 2009 10:00 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Vagrants scare residents

Paper Boy
Paper Boy
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Residents in localities around Dar Al Kutub roundabout in the city are worried as they say a group of African nationals are a permanent sight in a public park nearby. Residents complain that these people have been seen sleeping in the night for a long while and eating in the park littering around. “We are seeing these people here for a long time,” a Pakistani Pashtun who did not give his name, said. Asked why he did not file a complaint with the police, he said it was the duty of the police to round up such elements from residential areas. Another resident confirmed that he was also seeing these people in the park but thinking that they were homeless, he was not alarmed. “We are concerned, though,” he said. The police could not be contacted for comment. When the photographer of this newspaper tried to take pictures, one of the group members became furious and threatened to smash the camera. He was holding a glass full of what looked like water which he poured over the photographer in anger. It was only then that the lens man, whose shirt was drenched in foul-smelling liquid, realised that the liquid might have been liquor, most probably hooch. Another member of the group took his mate away asking him to cool down. Residents said that although they had been seeing the group in the park for some time, they had not been creating any public nuisance or threatening people. They are just there eating, sleeping and talking. Two dogs which look like their pets are also seen with the group, which residents claim remains a mystery for them.