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Posted On: 29 May 2016 10:31 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

The Latest Addition to Porsche Clubs Worldwide Network

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The Ministry of Culture & Sports and the management committee of the new Porsche Club Qatar (PCQ) announced the official launch of the club activities, which makes it formally club number 306 and the latest addition to Porsche Clubs Worldwide, a network of more than 600 clubs around the world. Porsche Club Qatar is now the sole representative of the network’s brand and trademark in the country; it has also acquired the official authorization of Qatar’s Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Commenting on the club launch, H.E. Mr Salah Bin Ghanem Al Ali, Minister of Culture & Youth, said: “The ministry aims to engage with the community on activities that foster culture, sports, and volunteering. That’s why, we are happy to support initiatives set forth by enthusiastic young people. Motorsports has always been a favorite sport in our society, and we are delighted to have an official representation for Porsche Clubs Worldwide in Qatar.

In addition to having our country among this prestigious network, such initiatives meet our ultimate end of creating communities that embrace the capabilities of our people, open up doors of possibilities before them, and unlock their potential to eventually fulfill Qatar’s 2030 National Vision for culture & sports.”

Porsche Clubs Worldwide was first established in 1952 and holds under its umbrella over 200,000 members of Porsche Owners from all around the world. PCQ was founded in Doha by a number of Porsche owners who are currently managing the club independently from the dealership in Doha, as per the terms and conditions stipulated by Porsche Clubs Worldwide.

Khaled Al-Remithi, Founder and President of PCQ, said: “The purpose of the club is to bring all Porsche owners in Qatar together under one roof to celebrate uniqueness, innovation, safety, responsibility and commitment towards the community. All board members are volunteering their time and efforts based on their adamant belief that Qatar deserves the best from its people.”

Al-Remithi explained that during the last quarter of 2013, a group of Porsche owners met to discuss the possibility of establishing a club for Porsche enthusiasts, the discussions revealed the presence of a global network for Porsche clubs around the world. Many countries have an official representation to this network including all other GCC countries except for Qatar.

He further elaborated: “We began liaising closely with Porsche Germany to bring up the club according to their criteria. The whole process took almost a year which resulted in the formulation of the first board of directors. Eventually, we received the official authorization and certificate acknowledging the club by Porsche Clubs Worldwide in December 2014.”

“In PCQ, we focus on three pillars; social activities, motorsports with international and local authorities, and community engagement in collaboration with the concerned local authorities,” he added.

From his side, Michael Peschel, PCQ Vice President, said: “Earlier during the preparatory phase, we endeavored to create strategic partnerships with companies famous for their high quality services and whose brand is valued on local and international levels.

Accordingly, the club enjoys a partnership with Ooredoo, Michelin, QIC, and Grand Hyatt hotel, who offer our members a special array of services and discounts. As the club continues to grow, our network of partners and suppliers should expand to provide our members with a one-of-a-kind privileged experience.”

However, the most significant benefit the members enjoy is being part of a community of like-minded people and the wide network of connections they get introduced to. According to Mr Jaber Al-Muftah, PCQ Events Director, the board aims to reinforce opportunities for networking through a diverse calendar of activities.

“Club members are a distinguished group of people from various cultural backgrounds, men and women, and with different ages. Thus, we try to offer various efficiencies catering to the needs of each and every one of them. Some activities are focused on Motorsports, some are more social and family-oriented, and others are just for ladies, in addition to our community engagement activities,” he explained.

Membership fees are symbolic and any Porsche owner can join. Membership packages include all club merchandize items and an official welcome pack. Club management committee also welcomes owners who would like to volunteer in a management role. Applications are available on the