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Posted On: 3 October 2016 04:26 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Stereotypes from expats that Qataris find distasteful

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Many expats seem to have preconceived notions about the locals of Qatar. Sure, if you don’t talk to them or get to know them they may seem a bit mysterious. But honestly all people appear to be mysterious if you don’t get to know them.

This doesn’t mean you can form judgments or stereotypes about them, nor can you generalize the actions of one onto an entire population. That’d be as ridiculous as assuming all Irish people are ginger.

The ILQ team talked to a few Qataris and found that there are a number of stereotypes that expats have towards them, which are kind of absurd and most definitely not true.

Note: this doesn't reflect how all Qataris or all expats feel. This is only to showcase how the Qataris we spoke to felt they were perceived or what they heard.

At the end of the day, this is a reminder that we're not all the same :)

“All Qataris are lazy.”

Some of my Qatari friends actually work super hard. Many of them have actually started up their own businesses and do a lot of the work themselves.

“Qataris get ridiculously high salaries.”

This is another generalization. Not all Qataris get ridiculous salaries. In fact, most Qataris have a government position and contrary to popular belief, it's quite difficult to get a high grade and a high salary. In private jobs the fact that Qataris get 60% higher salary is a myth. A few years ago, Qataris in the government section got a 60% increase on their basic salary. So if it was a salary of QR5,000 that would amount to a QR3,000 raise. Some others had salary reductions as part of a salary alignment.

“Qataris are super rich and have a lot of servants.”

Not all Qataris are rich. There are Qataris who also struggle financially and don't have any servants at all. There are also some who donate and contribute a lot of their earnings towards special causes.

“Qataris hate non-Qataris.”200

Totally untrue! I'm not Qatari and I have loads of Qatari friends! They're super hospitable and amazingly kind!

"Qataris DON'T work."

A crazy generalization. Many Qataris that I've studied with in university are very intelligent and hardworking. Both Qatari men and women are encouraged to work after university or college.

“Qataris don’t feel the heat.”

This one is ridiculous! I mean Qataris are still people who feel things, just like everyone else. They actually wear more layers of clothing, which would make them feel hotter...

“Qataris are spoiled, they get whatever they want from their parents.”giphy

Sure, some are spoiled, some aren't. I'm spoiled, but I'm not a Qatari. Again, another generalization that doesn't necessarily apply to everyone.

“Qataris look like Jaffar from Aladdin.”

This one is just plain racist.

“Qataris get whatever they want through ‘wasta’ (nepotism).”

Firstly, it's always recommended that you network with people when it comes to finding jobs, etc. This statement can be applied to anyone who networks. Also, some Qataris actually do have trouble finding jobs. Some of my friends have shared how difficult it was to find employment during the job slump.

You should just get to know the Qatari people better, instead of having these crazy assumptions about them. This way you'll get to know what they're really like. Everyone isn't the same, so it's never a good idea to generalize. It's always better to bridge gaps, than to widen them.

What are some crazy stereotypes you've heard? Comment below!