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Posted On: 18 March 2013 06:43 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Spectacular shots of upcoming KAHRAMAA Museum & Park (via Qatar Chronicle)

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Doha March 18:Engineer Ali Mohamed Al Ali, Head of Electricity Rationalization and Efficiency Department of Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation “Kahramaa” revealed that it is expected that Kahramaa Park, Museum and Oasis for Electricity Rationalization and Efficiency would be opened on 22 April 2014. In his press statement to Al Sharq on the sideline of his participation at the renewable energy experts meeting at the League of Arab States Secretariat General he stated that this great project which will have documentaries on electricity rationalization and outreaching and awareness as well as the operations of mimicking electricity rationalization. He also added that there would be specialized tools and instruments for this purpose. The project, he indicated, comes as one of a series of projects carried out by the State for the purpose of electricity rationalization and efficiency. He added that there are lots of projects some of which relate to lighting rationalization and others to air conditioners. There are also other projects of power labs for efficiency of electricity at factories and industrial and commercial corporations, as well as these projects of disseminating awareness of electricity efficiency and rationalization. There are projects for water recycling as well. Al Ali further said that there is collaboration between Qatar and many other Arab States and international organizations for the purpose of operating in the field of renewable energy and electricity rationalization and efficiency, indicating that Qatar is very keen on this field and on electricity efficiency and rationalization for the sake of serving coming generations and for the industrial recovery and development in Qatar. He stated that the experts meeting discussed the implementing of the reference framework on renewable energy by Arab States, and that all items were approved at the meeting and were made ready for submission to the Arab Ministers of Electricity and Energy Meeting expected to be held by the end of coming April at the League of Arab States Secretariat General. Source : Qatar Chronicle