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Posted On: 18 September 2012 12:09 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Sell your professional photos online in QATAR

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Dear photographers send us your portfolios , and sell your photos on our website here in QATAR, Make money by selling your images online through the new BYLENS website NOW! How to sell stock pictures Technical quality and copyrights First of all you have to have a few decent pictures (I would say 15-20 as a very minimum) and you need to be able to produce the pictures that will not be considered a "snapshot". "Snapshots" are typical family pictures, party or touristic ones made with automatic cameras without any thinking behind (about composition, lighting, background, etc). Technical quality of your pictures must be good. Most stocks don't require very high resolution but your pictures must be clean, sharp, correctly exposed, not having much noise etc. If you use digital camera always shoot in RAW format and never in JPEG. Stock pictures must be clear of any trade marks i.e. there must be no logos, company names, etc. on the stock picture. That includes clothes and electronics such as mobile phones (it's ok to have phone in the picture, but there should be no visible logos). Sometimes you can remove the logos digitally, sometimes the picture is simply not suitable for stock. Also, copyrighted objects can not be a primary subject of the picture without a property release but they can freely be included in a cityscape pictures. Photos of art work (paintings, sculptures, etc) are unacceptable. Send your portfolio to [email protected],com If your ok with all the above please send us a link yo your portfolio , and if all goes well we will send you the proper paper work and we can meet if you wish to explain the process.