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Posted On: 31 August 2023 04:48 pm
Updated On: 31 August 2023 11:32 pm

Seat belts and use of mobile phones while driving will be strictly monitored

Rikhia Basu
Rikhia Basu
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As per an article by The Peninsula on 31 August 2023, according to a top official, using headphones or dashboard stands is not a driving violation, but any use of visual devices while driving is.

Major Hamad Ali Al Muhannadi, Head of the Radar and Scales Department at the General Directorate of Traffic, has emphasized the importance of obeying this law to ensure road safety.

“Searching or typing on a mobile phone, even for navigation, while driving is a violation according to article No. 55 of Traffic Law which stipulates that being busy with any electronic visual device or using mobile while driving is a violation,” he said.

During an interview with Al Rayan TV, he emphasized that motorists should not search or type while driving, but can view the screen in the dashboard or on a navigation stand.

“They should put on the navigation app before moving their vehicles,” said Al Muhannadi.

The General Directorate of Traffic will implement automated monitoring for seat belt and mobile phone use violations while driving starting September 3, 2023. The unified radar system is connected to all radars and road CCTV cameras across the country to reduce road accidents resulting in death and injuries.

Al Muhannadi stated that a significant decrease in the use of mobile phones while driving is expected to result in a remarkable drop in road accidents.

Al Muhannadi stated that their top priority is to promote the use of seat belts by motorists and prevent the use of mobile phones while driving, following the successful implementation of the regulations aimed at reducing speeding. He emphasized that not wearing seat belts and using mobile phones while driving were among the leading causes of recent road accidents.

The Head of the Radar and Scales Department urged drivers to follow traffic regulations for their and others' safety.

“Mobile phone distracts attention while driving. Most of the accidents are caused by mobile phones. It is very dangerous for motorists as it distracts their attention from driving,” said Al Muhannadi.

He also added that not wearing a seat belt is one of the most serious violations, as it causes significant damage to the driver. Therefore, the seat belt is the primary safety feature.

He urged all road users to abide by the traffic law and its regulations to safeguard lives and property. He emphasized that preserving traffic safety is a shared responsibility between government authorities and society, and encouraged everyone to contribute to the extensive efforts made by relevant authorities across the country.

Image Credit: Shutterstock (For representation purposes only)
Source: The Peninsula