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Posted On: 8 June 2009 08:56 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Sales official gets into trouble for ‘serial flirting’

Paper Boy
Paper Boy
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A man employed with a private company as a sales official thought of a novel way of flirting with young women, albeit at the expense of his job. He somehow had access to the job applications’ file of the company. One fine day he sorted out the applications and selected young women applicants as his target. Taking their contact numbers from their applications, he began calling several of them individually for meetings in restaurants saying that he was the manager of the company. With no idea that they were being taken for a ride, his victims gladly agreed to see him. He would convince them that this was a preliminary interface and that a final interview would be held. The man, in his thirties, would then ask them to come along for the final interview as though they were headed to the company’s office. But he actually took them to his apartment. This went on until he was eventually exposed. It so happened that once he called two women for an ‘interview’ together. They came over and met him in the restaurant he had named. They also accompanied him when he said they were headed to the company’s office. But when the women saw the car pulling over near what was a residential building, they refused to get down. They instead walked away and went to the company for lodging a complaint. The management of the company launched an internal probe and contacted other female applicants as well suspecting some of them might have also been taken for a ride. Having pinpointed who the culprit was, the management of the company suspended the sales official. He is about to be referred to the police, Al Sharq reported yesterday.