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Posted On: 14 September 2011 12:47 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Row over Q-Post move to charge for parking

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DOHA: General Postal Corporation (Q-Post) needs to develop an urgent plan for maintenance and renovation of its head office at Corniche, rather than installing pay-parking services, according to many people here. Q-Post had recently announced its move towards pay-parking system as many people were observed misusing the free shaded parking facility of the building. Some of the CMC members stressed that debris in and around the building needs to be removed while some argued that the building is becoming a threat due to various misuse. The building poses danger for visitors as some parts of the old building are on the verge of collapsing. Hence, many stressed that the authorities first need to think about maintaining the building rather than implementing pay-parking facility, a local daily reported. “The building is needs to be renovated as it has been there for long and can collapse. It needs to be repaired rather than having gates for pay-parking,” said Abdullah Al Ghanim. “Also along with the restoration works, the waste and debris around the facility needs to be removed. The Q-post building is one of the major landmarks here and it should be properly maintained,” he said. The reason that many employees of nearby offices park their vehicles in the Q-post premises does not buy many takers. “The parking fee introduction is a means of wasting people’s money, and it is difficult to understand why it should be done in a public parking place. This issue will be discussed at the CMC meeting as it affects both the citizens and expats especially those with less income who have to use the services at the building,” said Muhammed Al Adhba, a CMC member. The same point was made by another CMC member, Mohammed Al Shafi. “Imposing the charges in commercial centres and private companies for parking can be understood and it is their right. More over, it saves the employee parking spots which others can occupy. However, similar procedure in service points, where parking is for public, cannot be accepted. Majority of the visitors stay in the building for 30 to 60 minutes, so why should they be charged,” he said. The plan has also caught many worried if the pay-parking service would be introduced in other service-outlets as hospitals and ministries. “We are now worried if this tendency of parking charges will spread to all the commercial centres, ministries, shopping centres etc. It really needs to be studied if it is legal or not, as Q-Post is a service place and how can authorities impose charges in such places,” said Mohammed Al Hajiri. Meanwhile, some as Ahmed Al Shib justified the move, saying “It will provide parking for all visitors to the building.” However, he also stressed, “the parking fee in government and other service points should be nominal. It should be just enough to release the parking pressure in these places, so that the facility is not misused.” The Peninsula