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Posted On: 19 February 2009 08:03 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Renowned landscape photographer to showcase works today

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Famous Japanese landscape photographer Takashi Amano will unveil his works today at the Qatar Photographic Society. In his first exhibition in the Middle East, Takashi will showcase his works of Sado, Japan. “The global warming destructs our environment every moment, and a rise in sea level, desertification of land, and a large-scale deforestation, and marine pollution are only going to get worse before they get any better… I want to leave images of such precious nature to the next generation, so I have made ‘untouched nature’ my subject of photography. I have photographed the world’s three major tropical forests in Amazon, Borneo and West Africa, and the nature in Japan for a long period,” stated Amano, who was born in Nigata, Japan, close to the island of Sado. “The global-scale environmental destruction is making it more difficult to preserve the untouched nature in original form. The nature of Japan is no exception. I wish the beauty of the nature in Sado opens up an opportunity to think about the global environment in the coming future.” The exhibit, named Sado–a Natural Treasure of Japan, will feature the natural landscapes of Sado, seashores, mountain streams, greenery, flowers, ponds, autumn colours, trees in old growth forest and countless other aspects of the rich nature existing in the area. The exhibition was supported by the Embassy of Japan, Aqua Art and special sponsorship of Aramex Intertnational. “When selecting the photos for the exhibition, I intentionally chose the pictures showing what does not exist in the nature of Qatar. Snow storms, rains, moss-covered forests, beautiful flora in the mountains, for example… I hope people in Qatar will feel the importance of preserving our natural environment when they see my exhibition pictures,” said Amano. According to Japanese Ambassador Yukio Kitazume, Takashi may take pictures of the desert, if he will have the chance.