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Posted On: 16 October 2011 01:20 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Qtel, Vodafone offer BlackBerry compensation

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DOHA: BlackBerry customers of both Qtel and Vodafone will be compensated with three days credit for the hassles they have experienced during the outages of the services in the past few days. The two companies decided to offer the compensation after Research In Motion (RIM) has announced yesterday that it has fully restored all BlackBerry services including email, BlackBerry Messenger and web browsing. Qtel has decided to offer direct compensation for its customers with three days credit for Hala and Shahry BlackBerry users which will be automatically added to their accounts. Hala customers will receive the credit automatically to their Hala account, while Shahry customers will have three days credit added to their next monthly bill. “Although the service issues were beyond Qtel’s control, it has taken the decision to offer compensation as part of its commitment to full customer service,” A Qtel statement said. Vodafone Qatar said in a statement yesterday that they would be providing BlackBerry customers with three days of free services. “Our BlackBerry customers will receive three days of BlackBerry service credit by October 20, and will receive an SMS once the BlackBerry service credit has been added to their accounts,” it said. Vodafone has also advised customers to reset their Blackberry handsets by removing then re-inserting the battery if they continue to experience problems. The Peninsula