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Posted On: 5 June 2012 08:59 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Qatari doctor does rare plastic surgery

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DOHA: Plastic surgery consultant, Dr Saeed Al Kaldari is the first Qatari and one among 20 plastic surgeons in the world to perform the rare outer ear reconstruction. The surgery is required for a variety of reasons such as developmental malformations and deformations that are not uncommon. “Ear anomalies may have both congenital and traumatic causes,” explained Dr Kaldari. “One out of 5000 births happen without an external ear. In others, trauma such as a dog bite or a burn can be catastrophic, both physically and psychologically. The purpose of the outer ear reconstruction is to rebuild the external ear so it looks completely normal upon quick glance by the casual observer.” This type of surgery is intensive and often involves three stages. In the first one, cartilage is removed from the patient’s own rib cages to make a framework that resembles their normal external ear. Use of living tissue from a patient means there is less chance of rejection and the cartilage grows with the patient. After the framework is created, it is inserted in a pocket under the skin. Leftovers from the distorted ear are used to form the lower part of the ear. The second operation normally takes place three months later. The long time between the procedures ensures good blood flow and supply to the transplanted cartilage. During that operation, the doctor takes skin from the waist to create skin for the new ear. In the third phase, the previously placed cartilage under the skin gets removed and cosmetic changes are applied to make sure that both ears of the patient look the same. The last stage is some times done even on healthy ear. ”Though the outer reconstruction does not improve hearing, it is designed to psychologically support those with facial deformity. It can also be useful for those who wear glasses. The procedure has a very high success rate. The natural elements used in it induce a very quick response from the body,” he said. Dr Kaldari’s lead expertise is in Facial Reconstructive Surgery and his most commonly performed procedures are Corrective Septo and Rhinoplasty (nasal surgery for breathing and deformity), Blepharoplasty (eye-lid surgery) and Face Lift. He is also a member of some of the most respectable health-advisory organizations in the field of plastic surgery namely the Swedish Plastic Surgery Association, the International Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association; the Pan-Arab Plastic Surgery Association and the GCC Plastic Surgery Association. Dr Kaldari is also an instructor in surgery at Weil Cornell University in Qatar.