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Posted On: 13 July 2019 06:18 pm
Updated On: 3 March 2020 11:58 am

Qatar Rail launches Metroexpress service in West Bay

Arvin Garcia
Arvin Garcia
Content Writer
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Qatar Rail has announced the launch of the Metroexpress service for metro users in the West Bay region as part of its efforts to provide integrated transportation solutions for Doha Metro passengers.

Metroexpress is a free trial ride-sharing service, currently covering the West Bay QIC and DECC station areas.

The free trial ride-sharing service provides a quick and convenient access to DECC and West Bay QIC metro stations from points of interest in West Bay, and vice versa. The Service can be booked through its designated App.

Metroexpress service

The application places seats in a single vehicle for multiple passengers traveling to one destination and through software connected to a navigation system that directs the driver of the vehicle to reach the passengers at the desired time and place, walking the shortest possible route.

Areas to connect to the two metro stations:

  • West Bay
  • Diplomatic Area
  • Onaiza 63
  • Al Jazi Compounds
Metroexpress application

How does metroexpress work?

Register: Simply input your name, e-mail and mobile number to register. Please note that you need to be a registered Doha Metro user.

Book a ride: Use the metroexpress app to set your pick-up and drop off within our service area. We’ll match you with a metroexpress driver headed your way and will direct you to a nearby point to meet your driver.

Metroexpress pick and booking

Get picked up: Within minutes, the metroexpress arrives at the designated pickup and you are on your way. These pickup locations are easily accessible and generally located in front of the towers in the West Bay or within your villa compounds.

Metroexpress destination

Share the ride: We pool passengers into the same car efficiently and with minimal detours, bringing each passenger to their destination while keeping our journey times comparable to a taxi. Up to 7 passengers can ride in one vehicle. However, if there are no passengers to pool, then metroexpress will take you directly to the intended metro station or any destination within the service area.

    How long will I wait?

    You'll always get an accurate estimate of your pick-up ETA before booking. You can also track your metroexpress in real time in the app.

    How many passengers will share the vehicle?

    The number of passengers you will share a journey with varies based on capacity and your chosen destination! Our comfortable metroexpress can easily accommodate up to 7 people.

    The pilot service will be provided free of charge to encourage passengers to use the Metroexpress service and to evaluate the effectiveness of this service.

    This service is provided strictly for Doha Metro customers registered with Qatar Rail and is to be used only in conjunction with a Metro journey.

    Metroexpress service operates during the current Doha Metro hours from 6 am to 11 pm .

    This service will reduce the number of private cars, reduce parking problems in the West Bay area, and reduce wasting time on the roads.

    For questions: Email [email protected] and social media sites

    You can download the app on Google Play and Apple Store.

    Source: QNA and Metroexpress Doha