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Posted On: 1 April 2015 02:47 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

Qatar Cancer Society submitted the Red Nose event at kid’n around kindergarten

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During the last period of Qatar Cancer Society had Submitted several educational and awareness lectures about general health , cancer and how to prevent and deal with it, the lectures came on the impact of the awareness program launched by QCS in all schools and colleges to educate the students about cancer and health food.
Because awareness usually starts from the small generations the health education department at QCS submitted their lectures and workshops to primary schools and junior high Keen to produce conscious and educated generations about cancer, in addition to introduce some educational and entertainment events for children in kindergarten to make them aware of the importance of Sports and healthy food in the prevention of cancer.
Accordingly, QCS establish red nose event in kid’n around kindergarten and in the presence of all students in kindergarten as well as for parents to highlight the importance of healthy food and sports in cancer prevention the event also talked about general health then talked about the food pyramid and how to distribute food and benefit from it in cancer prevention.


In this regard, Ms. Eman abd el bade said "we thank QCS for participation in this entertainment awareness day to educate our children about preventive concepts from cancer which helps us in urge children to exercise and eat healthy foods and stay away from fast foods and soft drinks that contain a large percentage of harmful substances, which may work on child abuse in the future and causing illness, "she added:" We take great care to include parents in our activities awareness to complete awareness that we start in kindergarten so we all can work together to arise a conscious and aware generations who knows about seriousness of the cancer and the importance of prevention from it . "

And crossed Mariam Hamad Al Nuaimi, general manager of of Qatar Cancer Society said:” It is wonderful to see this great support by all individuals and institutions to our activates in qatar which helping us in increase the awareness about cancer and educate the community about the importance of cancer and the need to talk about it and not fear from it. She added :” I am happy to clarify that awareness about cancer not only rests with the health institutions in Qatar, where that awareness towards cancer is a responsibility for all the community as a whole and must be shared by all institutions operating in the country as well as to all members of society”