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Posted On: 1 October 2018 04:12 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:19 pm

Out-of-Qatar VISA Centers to provide express service for expatriates!

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In a report yesterday, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) affirmed its keenness to facilitate recruitment procedures for expatriate workers in accordance with a unified mechanism that is transparent and responsible. The ministry said that it will ensure the facilitation and speed of procedures and the protection of the rights of applicants.

And just this morning, the MOI has once again gathered members of the press and high-ranking officials to announce the first phase of the Qatar VISA Centers (QVC) project which aims to provide a new and far-quicker service for employers and employees to complete the usually long and arduous VISA processing procedures.

Qatar VISA Centers
(Source: MOI Qatar's Facebook)

This new step facilitates the VISA procedures of expatriates, while they are still in their home country, through Qatar service centers, which will be operating in the expatriate’s country QVC operates through an integrated electronic system to complete the procedures of medical checkups, enrollment of fingerprint and biometrics.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shaer, Director of the Department of Medical Medicine, said that conducting medical examinations outside the country will reduce the incidence of infectious epidemiological cases, and the process will be continuously monitored to ensure the quality of tests, in order to preserve the health security of the State of Qatar.

Furthermore, the expatriate will be able to review and sign their employment contracts while they are still in their home country.

Qatar VISA Centers
(Source: MOI Qatar's Facebook)

Here are the three stages of the new work VISA process:

  1. The employer starts the application process at the MOI website or Metrash2.
  2. The employee will then book an appointment through the Qatar VISA service website and proceeding to the QVC for fingerprint and biometric data processing, medical examination and employment contract signing.
  3. Final approval by the Ministry of Interior.

Project advantages for employers:

  1. A more transparent and responsible VISA system
  2. All VISA procedures to go through one single channel
  3. Ensures commitment to the contract terms
  4. Reduces time, effort, and cost

Project advantages for migrant workers:

  1. Speedy facilitation of VISA processing
  2. Protects their rights
  3. Documents employment contracts
  4. Avoids situations where migrant is required to return to his home country, if found unqualified
  5. Ensures application of the best practices
  6. Commencement of work upon arrival to Qatar
  7. Integrated E-services of high-quality, speed and convenience
Qatar VISA Centers
A prototype view of Qatar Visa Centres to be opened in different countries to process different procedures and some views of the first centre to be opened in Sri Lanka. (Source: MOI Qatar's Facebook)

Abdullah Khalifa Al Mohannadi, Director of Visa Support Service, said that 20 QVCs in total will be opened in 8 countries in the first phase and the include Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Tunisia. New countries and additional services will be expanded in the future. The first QVC branch will operate in Colombo, Sri Lanka on October 12.

The press conference was organized by the Visa Support Service at the Directorate General of Passports in coordination with the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Public Health, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To know more about the Qatar VISA Center, check out their website and social media links below!

Qatar VISA Center
(Source: MOI Qatar's Facebook)

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