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Posted On: 20 June 2023 12:36 pm
Updated On: 20 June 2023 01:05 pm

Ministry seizes buildings & warehouses for illegal partitions and unlicensed commercial establishment

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Ministry seizes buildings warehouses illegal partitions unlicensed commercial establishment

The Ministry of Municipality (Al Baladiya) has announced the seizure of several buildings and random warehouses discovered to have several violations and unauthorized activity.

The seized buildings and warehouses are as follows:

  • 5 random warehouses in Najma
  • Illegal partitions in a residential building in Fereej Bin Dirham
  • A residential building parking lot converted into a commercial store without a license in Najma
  • Unauthorized storage of furniture and building materials in Nuaija

The Ministry confirms that legal action has been taken and the violators have been taken to the competent authorities.

The Doha Municipality calls on real estate owners and tenants to adhere to the planning requirements and approved building permits and asked them not to modify the property without obtaining the necessary permits from the municipality.

Source: Al Baladiya
Cover image credit: Shutterstock (for representation purposes only)