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Posted On: 5 December 2017 05:45 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:18 pm

Qatar Guide: Lost your Qatar ID while travelling? Here’s what to do.

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
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In recent years, ID cards and associated ID card systems have become widespread globally, as countries large and small implement them with several aims in mind. These aims include improving national security, aiding the struggle against identity theft, and ensuring safer, more accurate databases to provide better health services. And to achieve this and allay public concerns with regards to issues such as forgery, many of these cards incorporate micro technologies including biometric information that includes characteristics unique to the individual in question. This makes them extremely accurate, hard to copy or forge, and reliable indicators not only of personal identity but many other factors.

Lost your Qatar ID while travelling? Here’s what to do.

If you’re a resident of Qatar, you may already be aware of the importance of carrying your residence permit card or Qatar Identity Card (QID). The Residence Permit Card is the main proof of identity of expatriate residents and of their valid legal residency in Qatar. According to the Qatar Ministry of Interior, your QID card should be carried at all times and offered on demand to any relevant authority – especially during the process of exiting or entering the country. The Ministry has issued a circular to all the relevant authorities worldwide, including, most importantly, all airlines, which clearly states that the QID card is now the only supporting document for expatriates after the cancellation of the RP sticker on passports.

Consequently, losing your Residence Permit Card during your travels could be a huge headache. If this happens, here are the procedures you must follow as advised by the Ministry of Interior.

Lost your Qatar ID while travelling? Here’s what to do.

Return visa on arrival at Hamad International Airport

If you’re returning to Qatar, and do not exceed the permitted limit of six months to stay outside the country, you’ll be allowed to enter the country with a return visa issued directly at the Hamad Airport without resorting to your employer. Your residence card will be marked as lost in the immigration system.

Return visa processed by sponsor/employer

If you’ve exceeded your permitted six months stay outside the country, you’ll be required to obtain a return visa processed by your employer/sponsor and sign an undertaking not to repeat it. Your residence card will be marked as lost in the immigration system.

QR 200 Fee for Loss

If you lose your ID outside of Qatar, you must make an entry at the police station informing the authorities of the loss of your ID, and also inform them of the country where it was lost. Then, you must submit a report from the authorities in the relevant country and send a copy to your representative in Qatar to produce a Return Permit. This will incur a fee of QR 200, to be paid with either a debit or credit card. This Return Permit will subsequently be forwarded to you, and will allow you to enter the country. Once you arrive, please consult the Expatriates Affairs Department to obtain another ID.

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