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Posted On: 18 April 2010 01:49 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Life sentence of convict commuted

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The criminal court has commuted the life sentence of an Asian man convicted of pre-meditated murder of his roommate, to five years on the basis of the pardon granted to him by the family of the victim, says a report published in the local Arabic daily Arrayah. Feeling disgusted by the dominating and humiliating attitude of his roommate, who was his relative, the accused beat him up mercilessly one early morning, the court papers said. The victim was forced to run for his life and there was no other escape but to rush to the balcony of third floor room and jump to death. The accused initially informed the police that his roommate had committed suicide but after cross examination admitted to having forced him to jump from the third floor. The criminal court had sentenced him to life imprisonment but he appealed against the verdict on the strength of the pardon granted to him by the wife and son of the deceased and also on the basis of their not claiming any blood money as compensation. After considering all aspects of the case the court has reduced his term of imprisonment to five years.