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Posted On: 17 November 2014 02:59 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Life Deserves a Good Start - Kabrita Infant Goat Milk Formula Now Available in Qatar

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Leading global goat milk baby formula, Kabrita, has just launched in Qatar, offering mothers and babies greater access to natural and unique health benefits inherent to goat milk.

Kabrita, a premium infant formula made from high-quality Dutch goat milk, is produced in the Netherlands – the dairy hub of the world – and boasts many natural healthy benefits that include easy digestion, a high ratio of vitamins and minerals which boost infants’ immunity and lower levels of fat.

Kabrita is manufactured by Hyproca Nutrition – part of the Ausnutria Hyproca group of companies. It has been an important player in the international dairy world for over 100 years, manufacturing infant nutrition products for more than 75 years.

Available through the company, Doha Drug Store, Kabrita provides a natural solution for babies who find it hard digesting regular formula milk. It is a complete goat milk infant formula offering modern-day formulation and a unique combination of nutrients that support healthy growth and development of babies up to three years old. The launch of the brand in Qatar introduces a new category to the market presenting a host of benefits to the health of babies with digestive issues.

Dr Mohamed Hussein, General Manager of Hyproca Nutrition Middle East – the regional manufacturers of Kabrita, says the company strongly supports breastfeeding as the first source of baby nutrition.

“However, in instances where breastfeeding is not possible, Kabrita goat milk formula is a good and healthy alternative because it is similar to human breast milk. Nowadays, many babies have problems digesting the formulas available in the market.

“One of the most underestimated issues with traditional infant formulas is the difficulties that babies and toddlers face when trying to digest and tolerate these formulas. We believe a baby should benefit from its nutrition, not struggle to keep it in. Goat milk provides a natural solution to this problem,” he says.

Hussein continues: “Mothers want the best for their babies and we have received a great response to Kabrita so far in the UAE, KSA and Yemen.”

Used for centuries in the Middle East, goat milk can provide a gentler alternative for infants. This is due to its similarities to human milk and the lower levels of protein, αs1-casein making it easier for babies to tolerate, and being an effective solution for digestive issues. In addition, the fat globules in goat milk products are smaller than in traditional formulas and contain almost twice as many short-chained fatty acids which are much easier to break down than their long-chained cousins. As goat milk is easier to digest, it allows for the optimal absorption of nutrients with all the necessary components for the healthy growth and development of infants.

Kabrita goat milk infant formula is available in three varieties. It is the only brand in its category in the Middle East. Each variety is 100% free of allergens and developed to meet the nutritional requirements for a specific stage in your baby’s development. It is also 100% free of dyes, added sugars, flavourings and artificial fragrances. Other Kabrita product lines include whole milk, yoghurt, UHT and food ranges designed specifically for pregnant women which will be rolled out in Qatar in the future.