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Posted On: 5 April 2013 11:51 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Laughter club set up

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In arguably a first, a laughter club has been set up in Doha and it is being inaugurated on April 15, the promoters of the novel initiative said in a release. Some 30 VIPs have been invited to the opening event on April 15 at the club’s premises in Najma. A similar event has been lined up on April 18 which will be open to the public. Nicole van Hattem, Director and CEO of the ‘Art of Abundant Living’, the wellbeing company, said in the release: “Our health education will teach about laughter as the best medicine”. After the April 18 event, classes comprising laughter exercises for stress release, will be held weekly at the club’s premises. Laughing 100 times a day is equivalent to 10 minutes of hard rowing. A good, strong laugh for 10 to 15 minutes a day increases weekly energy consumption by up to 280 calories, the release said. Laughter yoga is a complete wellbeing workout. It has brought significant changes in the lives of people from all over the world with physical and even mental disabilities. It has proven health benefits and promotes circulation and blood flow. A just one good hearty laugh burns up to four calories, said the release. Laughter brings more oxygen to the body and brain. Laughter also releases endorphins, a chemical more powerful than the pain-relieving drug, morphine, adds the release. The events are being organised in collaboration with Gabi Pezo, a certified laughter yoga leader and teacher. Gabi Pezo was quoted as saying: “Doha is going to laugh like never before and everyone who joins us will be able to experience a stronger immune system, reduced stress, increased pain tolerance, and no side-effects supplement for weight loss and it could actually change your life if you are willing to laugh unconditionally, despite your circumstances”. She further quotes her trainer and the creator of the Laughter Yoga Movement, Madan Kataria “Fast and powerful. No - Sweat Cardiovascular Workout. 10 minutes of Belly Laughter equals 30 minutes on the Rowing Machine.” Nicole van Hattem added: “We want people to join in and see for themselves the powerful and immediate benefits of Laughter Yoga in terms of their mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. We want to show how scientifically laughter can be practiced as physical and behavioural exercise to relax muscles, bring smile, add confidence, hope and optimism in their everyday lives. Though it’s a new concept but we are expecting a lot of interest from people from all walks of life, nationality and age.” There will be two inaugural sessions: Laughter Yoga session 1, which will take place on April 15 from 6 to 7 pm. It will be specifically for the corporate and individual clients of the company and media representatives. Session 2 which will be held on April 18th from 10 to 11am in the morning is going to be a free session open to all public. All laughter yoga classes will be held at the wellbeing centre, situated on Najma street, off C ring road. The Laughter Yoga sessions will highlight the importance of laughter in mitigating tension and injecting exuberance and vivacity into the practicing individuals through different laughter, breathing and stretching exercises.