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Posted On: 5 May 2016 01:22 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

KidzMondo sets the foundation stone for its edutainment city

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Emblematically setting the foundation stone for its upcoming miniature edutainment city in Qatar, KidzMondo Doha welcomed its partners, VIP guests, and members of the media to a ground breaking event, held on Tuesday, 3rd of May at Hilton Doha Hotel, under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Higher Education H.E. Dr. Mohamed Abdul Wahed Al-Hammadi.

During the event, the KidzMondo Doha team introduced the booming edutainment brand to the audience, while kids allegorically laid the theme park’s first stone on stage and raised its flag, to the tune of KidzMondo’s distinctive theme song.

Represented by Ms. Fawzia Abdulaziz al-Khater, Director of Education Institute at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education during the event, the Minister of Education and Higher Education H.E. Dr. Mohamed Abdul Wahed Al-Hammadi expressed his happiness and pride towards the groundbreaking event of Kidzmondo; Qatar's first city of education and entertainment expected to open at Mall of Qatar later this year stating that its inauguration in Qatar comes at the perfect timing given the constant pressure and stress that people endure on a daily basis despite the technological and technical advancement.

H.E. noted that this city “will provide an excellent platform for merging entertainment with education and tourism and will play a pivotal role in adding value to the role of our existing educational institutions through edutainment that combines education with entertainment and fun with the aim to deliver an exciting as well as a playful experience to the younger generations”.

H.E. also said that the city will contribute, through its diverse activities, to the development of children’s creative, academic and cognitive skills and capacities, including their emotional development, by employing their psychomotor abilities in a competitive and interactive context marked by exhilaration and excitement.

He also emphasized on the vital role that edutainment plays in helping children build self-confidence and assurance, in addition to solidifying their values of cooperation and respect as well as shaping their attitudes and beliefs for the better, which are the same values shared by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. “In addition to its role in education, this edutainment city has a role in diversifying the economy in alignment with Qatar’s National Vision 2030”, he added.

On her part, Ms. Fawzia Abdulaziz al-Khater, Director of Education Institute at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, commented saying: "The city will be a center of joy for Qatar's population in general and specifically to the children - a city where education will surpass its traditional learning format at schools by using edutainment as a method of learning and thus providing students with a fun educational experience”.

She continued: " it is of extreme importance that these edutainment cities to align their mission and vision not only with the cultural image of Qatar but also in accordance to the Qatari, Arab and Islamic customs and traditions. Not to forget that these cities must take into account the different segments of society and pay particular focus to providing alternatives for children with special needs and the elderly noting that their consideration will be essential in creating educational, health and cultural awareness campaigns that reach the masses and speak directly to all segments of the society”.

Ms. Fawzia Abdulaziz al-Khater concluded by calling on the private sector to contribute to the education boom in Qatar as part of their corporate social responsibility, wishing everyone success and prosperity in their service to Qatar under the wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar.

Introducing the company’s groundbreaking concept to the audience, Mr. Ali Kazma, Chairman of KidzHolding S.A.L. and Founder of the KidzMondo concept, said:“KidzMondo was founded in 2010, with the intention to impart knowledge and unlatch the gate to creativity for children through playful learning, within the boundaries of a ‘Kid-sized’ city complete with its own currency, constitution, economy, and functioning infrastructure. Today, KidzMondo is open for children in Lebanon and Turkey, and we are gearing up to welcome future Kidizens (citizens of KidzMondo) in Qatar and the UAE this year.”

He added: “KidzMondo Doha is a project driven by pedagogical fascination, focusing on academic benefits for children, while providing them with a mental and physical voyage of investigation, exploration, and adults’ role play. The curriculums have been specially designed in collaboration with the Lebanese American University in order to holistically educate children by developing their cognitive, emotional, psychomotor and social abilities through the exciting activities of the theme park’s different establishments.”

Following Mr. Ali Kazma’s speech, the General Manager of KidzMondo Doha, Mr. Nabil R. Barakat took guests on a 3D virtual tour of the kid-sized city and its unique indoor establishments, while illustrating how KidzMondo enables kids to enact dream roles through an array of fun and educative activities that span more than 80 professions, in a dynamic and safe surrounding.

In turn, Mr. Ahmed Al Mulla, CEO of Mall of Qatar – where kidzMondo Doha will be located - said: "We have been always keen since the kickoff of the construction works of Mall of Qatar to attract the best brands in the field of entertainment and amusement for the State of Qatar. The event, which we are witnessing today with Kidzmondo city is only a confirmation of the promise we delivered, as this edutainment concept offers a unique learning and educational experience characterized by sophistication and exclusivity for those looking for fun and interest of the city”.

In order to provide children in Qatar with a relevant and appealing learning experience that encourages interest, KidzMondo Doha’s establishments are developed in partnership with leading brands that kids can relate to and associate with closely, thereby creating a familiar ‘real-world’ environment for young minds to thrive in.

Some of the key establishments at the indoor theme park include a Bank, Aircraft, Fire Station, Gas Station, Police Station, Hospital, Driving Institute, Race Track, University, Car Wash, Barbershop, TV, Radio, Perfume shop and an Oil & Gas Refinery, among others.

To date, KidzMondo Doha has teamed up with celebrated local and regional brands to develop some of its indoor establishments including world-renowned air carrier - Qatar Airways, one of the best banks in the country - QIIB, perfume company - Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, grade-one licensed builder - UrbaCon Trading & Contracting (UCC), LBDI HOLDING companies - Crepe & More and Mister Pizza to add a fun culinary experience, and Qatar’s leading telecommunications provider Ooredoo.

Such high-profile partnerships, coupled with the company’s focus on adapting to unique cultures while promoting social rules and values, enabled KidzMondo Doha’s unique concept to dovetail with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and its focus on human development as the engine for progress, advancement and greater good for the public.

The concept has been locally tailored and adapted to Qatar’s culture and vision so that children can relate to the real world they live in, and the activities are regularly renewed to bring in innovation and a sense of newness.

Concluding their groundbreaking event, the KidzMondo Doha team thanked the Minister of Education and Higher Education for endorsing the revolutionary educational concept that the unique edutainment park is introducing to families and children in Qatar, and invited the audience to witness the unveiling of KidzMondo Doha as the edutainment city comes closer to completion.

Located in the country’s largest and most unique ‘Mall of Qatar’, KidzMondo Doha will span across a built up area of about 8000 m2, that will host more than 60 unique establishments. The indoor edutainment park aims to be one of the most visited family attractions in Qatar.

In addition to its existing parks in Lebanon and Turkey and its upcoming miniature cities in Qatar and the UAE, KidzMondo is expanding across the GCC, MENA, Levant, and International regions, with the aim of becoming the number one edutainment destination in the world.