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Posted On: 17 June 2013 01:44 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Katara explores commitment to art through CSA

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An exhibition at Katara explore the role and commitment of collectors in the Community Supported Art (CSA) through a series of images documented from their private spaces in which they have placed the works of art. Through this documentation, one can examine the direct and varied relationships that collectors may have with the works of art themselves. The relationship between the artist and the collector is a vital one in establishing the career of the artist, yet the ‘second life’ of a work of art after it leaves the gallery and has been acquired by a collector is a rarely documented one. “Through this exhibition we wanted to provide a contextual reading that is outside the white cube of the gallery, in this case, in collector’s homes,” said artistic director and curator Mayssa Fattouh. “The way we perceive artworks in various settings is important for understanding them,” continues Fattouh, “and we wanted to give this extra layer, and invited the collectors to participate in this exhibition and highlight their commitment and responsibility for the artworks they have chosen to live with.” The documentation process was taken on by artist and photography duo Christto Sanz and Andrew Jay Weir, who sought to accurately depict the artworks in their new setting of the private spaces of the collector’s home. CSA exhibition opened on April 29 and featured the works of 14 Doha-based artists. The project sought to feature the work of artists producing work in Doha, and to develop a new base of collectors for their work, essential in developing a thriving art scene. The participating artists in the CSA were, Alanoud Alhajry, Ben Barbour, Christto Sanz and Andrew Jay Weir, Erika Blumenfeld, Faraj Daham, Jaber AlAzmeh, Khalid Albaih, Khalifa Al Obaidly, Maher Attar, Maria Stabio, Mariana Heilmann, Mohamed Abou El Naga, Rhys Himsworth, and Zachary Lewis Stensen. Source : Qatar Chronicle