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Posted On: 1 June 2020 10:30 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:22 pm

Fatora offers online invoicing platform for hassle-free billing experiences

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
Content Writer
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Tired of old traditional accounting systems? Creating invoices, sending them out, and following up on unpaid bills consume a lot of your valuable time. On top of it, recurring invoices could actually cost you money without you realizing it. An online invoicing system is a convenient alternative to the old accounting systems to make non-cash payments for goods and services. It allows you to more effectively manage these processes so you can lower transaction costs, save time, and increased sales.

If you are looking for a user-friendly invoicing platform, Fatora can suit your needs as it offers a set of online tools to help merchants streamline payments with their customers. Fatora was created by Maktapp due to the lack of innovative invoicing and online payment systems in the MENA region. Continue reading to find out how this program can make business management easier.

Fatora - an easy to use invoicing platform

Fatora simply is an easy to use invoicing platform with online payment functionality hence you can send digital invoices and customers can pay online with any bank card from anywhere in the world, therefore no limiting online payment services to businesses that have some form of an online presence.

It's a secure electronic payment platform and system that helps you manage and collect invoices in your company or project, whatever type of service you provide from anywhere and at any time. Fatora is available on mobile and computer and provides a fast onboarding process for creating an account, making the payment, and uploading needed documents through online.

Fatora provides user-friendly, flexible payment integration methods. It connects online payment gateway API to your website or mobile application to provide fast, secure transactions and reduce the headaches of cash on delivery.

Frequently asked questions about Fatora

Now let's know some of the most common asked questions and their answers to have a better understanding of Fatora.

Does Fatora offer a multi-payment invoices system?

You can save your time when it comes to creating many invoices. Fatora provides a convenient option to generate an invoice for multiple customers and receive your money immediately with less effort.

Can I customize the invoice with our brand?

Yes, you can customize your invoices with your brand colors and logo.

Can I share payment links?

One more convenient option that Fatora offers is that you can share payment links with your customers via social media platforms, email, or even WhatsApp, to give your customer a better buying experience.

Are there any options for invoice tracking?

Yes, you can enable the tracking feature and receive notifications about invoice status: paid, payable, or late. You will be informed also about any transaction in your account.

What about the refund and cancellation policy?

If the payment was made in error or you changed your decision, you can request a refund from the customer. If the claim is validated, the excess amounts received will be refunded electronically within a certain period of time as per the policy.

What are the payment methods that are available to pay for your service?

It provides several different methods such as Paypal, bank cards, like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal.

Here are four simple steps on how to use Fatora:

  1. Register in Fatora and create your invoice in less than a minute
  2. Share the invoice in the most suitable way for you may that be through email, sms, or even WhatsApp!
  3. Get your payments through credit card, PayPal, cash, or bank transfers
  4. Monitor your payments and receipts

About Fatora

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