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Posted On: 3 November 2009 05:58 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Family visa norms likely to be revised

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The labour Ministry has hinted the salary limit for expatriates to sponsor their families might be revised soon as part of a set of new regulations being put in place to regulate the recruitment of foreign workers. The Ministry justified the raise of the salary cap from QR4,500 to QR7,000 saying the move was inevitable as house rents soared enormously in the recent past. There is a possibility the recruitment committee at the Ministry, which is presently busy putting in place a new set of recruitment rules in place, might review the salary limit in view of changing circumstances. This was disclosed by the Minister of Labour, H E Dr Sultan bin Hasan Al Dhabit Al Dosari, in an exclusive interview with Al Sharq. The committee has members from the Ministry of Interior, General Secretariat of Development Planning, Ministry of Business and Trade and the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, aside from the Labour Ministry. “The committee is currently busy seeking the views of various departments to frame the new recruitment guidelines,” the Minister said. He defended the quota system for various nationalities and said it held the key to maintaining demographic balance. However, companies whose requests for workers of particular nationalities are refused by the Labour Ministry could approach the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI) for a review of the decision. There is a committee at the QCCI which coordinates with the Labour Ministry on such matters and its recommendations are accorded importance. The Ministry is also busy preparing extensive lists of trades and the different nationalities that are considered to be specialists in these trades. These lists are being prepared in cooperation with the QCCI and will help the private sector immensely in the recruitment process. Asked about the Ministry’s move to check the malpractice of visa sale by some companies, Al Dosari said companies that make requests for large numbers of workers but actually do not need large manpower are blacklisted after Labour Inspectors visit their facilities for checks. “We are very strict about this and on slightest doubt also seek confirmation about the workforce requirements of a company from the QCCI,” said the Minister. According to him, the recruitment process has not been adversely affected due to the global recession. “On the contrary, more foreign workers have been hired this year,” added Al Dosari.