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Posted On: 16 February 2009 09:52 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

:eco:Children plant Qatar’s natural flowers

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Hundreds of students, parents and family members planted seedlings of Qatar’s natural flowers at an event held at Ras Mathbak, a shoreline off Al Khor, yesterday. The event was marked by the Friends of the Environment Centre’s (FEC) year-long “A Flower Each Spring” programme. The seedlings of Limonim Axillare, Acacia Tortilis, Acacia Ebrenbergian, Prosopis Cinevaria were planted by the participants at the picturesque Al Dhakhira, a coastal belt near Al Khor. These were some of the flowers selected by the FEC under its annual programme during the last few years. Al Hansa Girls Preparatory School, Al Rifa Girls School, Shahaniya Boys School and Ibnesina School for Boys were the educational institutions which joined the FEC-supported event. Earlier, the FEC chairperson Dr Saif Al Hajri explained to the children about the features of these flowers and their importance in Qatari flora. Dr Al Hajri said the soil in Dhakhira is ideal for the growth of these plants. “We want to show how the children can really put a seed in the soil. They will not forget this precious moment in their life”, he said. Dr Al Hajri recalled how he enjoyed a moment when he re-visited a village in Algeria recently where he saw a garden there bloomed with various hues and colours. Those were the plants that he and some of his friends had planted when they visited Algeria to attend an Arab Youth League meet several years ago. The FEC launched its annual campaign to promote this year’s flower Al Harm last Saturday. Nearly 500 students, including those from the School of Special Needs, took part in the opening day of the celebrations held in Ras Mathbak.