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Posted On: 8 August 2016 01:49 pm
Updated On: 21 January 2021 05:50 pm

Benefits of owning a cat in Qatar

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A house becomes a home only when there's a cat running around and entertaining itself for hours with empty boxes and curtain tassels. Not only are they cute, but they also require much less attention than dogs and often keep to themselves. Living with a cat or a kitten can provide multiple benefits that are just purrrrfect for you.

Here are some benefits:


by suetupling Burmese Cats cuddle

They Provide Companionship

The most common reason to own a pet is for companionship, so this benefit won’t come as a surprise to anyone. However, most people who have never owned a cat in their lives believe that cats are unsocial and distant pets. But if you’ve ever been affectionately head-bunt from a friendly kitty, you know that the “unsocial” myth is indeed just a myth. Despite the fact that they are only animals, cats serve as a social support during difficult times.


They are Low-maintenance

If you think you do not have the time or energy to own a pet, then a fluffy and affectionate cat could be perfect for you. Taking care of a cat requires less responsibility than some other animals. Those who are usually busy with other things or those who have full-time jobs need not stress much about their pet, knowing that their kitty can take care of itself for the most part. And when you do have extra time, cuddling up with your cat will feel better than ever.


They Teach Responsibility and Empathy

Children who grow up with cats appear to have more practice with considering what other people are thinking and feeling. Owning a cat shows them how to care for something besides themselves and to consider how their actions affect other individuals. A consistent feeding and litter box-cleaning schedule teaches the importance of self-discipline, sticking with a routine, and putting others’ needs before their own.


image from Freestock Photo: Pixabay

They can Boosts Your Immune System

We rely entirely on our immune system to ward off illnesses and annoying little bugs that get us down. So anything that can boost our immune system can have a pretty big impact on our lives. The good news is that the feelings and chemicals that are released when we spend time with our cats helps in improvising our immune system.


They Increases Sociability

Antisocial? Don't worry, just get a cat! Yes, owning a cat can highly improve your social skills. It provides ample opportunity for starting conversations with new acquaintances, which lends itself to great sociability. Good news for the single guys out there: a study has shown that women are more attracted to men who own or have owned cats, as it suggests that they are more sensitive and intelligent. Or maybe they just know that cat people are the best kind of people.


image source: somehwere on the internet. Can't remember where

They can Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Owning a cat can be quite soothing. It triggers calming chemicals in the body, decreasing stress and anxiety levels. Cats are known for being low-maintenance, so a simple petting session is often enough to relax the owners and distract them from other worries. Additionally, the presence of a cat that will snuggle with you can help you calm yourself as you enjoy the unconditional love of a cat.


Allergy Resistance

Pets, especially cats in particular help reduce the chances of developing allergies. Babies and young children in particular are susceptible to this benefit, as they grow and develop their immune system being exposed to pets helps them to build a greater barrier against developing allergies. Being used to them from an early age also triggers immunity.


They Can Lift your Mood

Whether it’s short or long term, your mood can always be lifted by having a cat around the house. They can be very entertaining and never fail to make you giggle at their stupid yet adorable actions. Also, there is nothing better than coming home to your kitty circling your legs with pure joy. Even if they end up almost tripping you sometimes, but hey, they don’t mean to do it!

And that's about it. Cats just make your life ten times better and if you don't own one yet, you've cat to be kitten me!! Do you agree?