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Posted On: 3 July 2016 12:18 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

A Tea Lover's Heaven - Tea Leaves Stores in Doha

Anushay T.Khan
Anushay T.Khan
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We have spoken about the ideal karak spots in Qatar and the best karak joints in Qatar too but we forgot that tea lovers do not just stick to karak. The people who are really into tea know that finding the best loose leaf teas or the best pack of leaf tea is all about giving you the best experience of having a simple, yet wonder, cup of the aromatic beverage.

East India Company

One doesn’t even think about how the tea leaves are grown and processed, but East India Company has a whole story board for you. To give you an idea, it is much like finding out how your favourite wine is made. Legend of tea making tells us that the right conditions, cultivation, region and expertise can be very useful, as they give us the best of what we know as 'The East India Company'! Presenting us with over 140 seasonal teas to complement the best of the best, EIC is all about making sure they give everyone highest quality tea.

Location: Lagoona Mall


Image source: The International

Argo Tea Café

A tea chain that originates from Chicago, Argo Tea Café is all about providing tea in every flavor one can imagine. Tea specialists at the shops will help you choose the ideal tea for yourself depending on your health (how cool is that’?) and even the mood you’re in. Their teas are natural, which means they are free of any artificial flavoring you can think of. Argo Café uses real flowers and fruits as their natural ingredients and even give a calories count display.

Location: Landmark


Image Source: Qatar is Booming


If you are a tea-o-holic and are in search of your nirvana, head over to Teavana, a company that is offering over 100 different loose-leaf teas. Nicknaming themselves the “Heaven of Tea”, they have experience staff, also known as teaologists, to educate you about their teas. A shop that is all about experience, Teavana is surely going to be one of your favorites.

Location: Gulf Mall


Tea Gschwendner

If you live and dream of tea, Tea Gshwendner is all you need. A company that itself is fascinated with the mysteries and traditions of tea, they are all about sharing the goodness with you. From aromas, colors and flavors, they give you natural and purest goodness. Green, white, oolong and black teas are a few that they excel in, giving you a subtle flavor which tells a tale of its origination and development. A global speciality, Tea Gschwender is all about committing to excellence. From the garden to your cup, this certified company is all about a lovely affair with a cup of tea.

Location: Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall


If you know of any tea company, drop us a note. If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re tea lovers and would love to find out more about tea companies in Doha with you!