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Posted On: 17 May 2016 01:44 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

5 proactive job-hunting tips

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To be successful in this current climate you need to be creative, proactive and have bags of patience. Just remind yourself that although finding a job might be your top priority, the companies that you’re approaching will have lots of other things on their to-do lists and you might be towards the bottom of that list, so remain calm and persistent – it can really pay off.

Work your network

At the recent How Women FIND Work Jobseekers’ Conference we picked up this good tip: think about your network and how you can make the most of it. Your network could include companies that you’ve worked with in the past, friends who work in the same industry, or a group you regularly meet up with. Let them know that you’re currently looking for work and they can keep you updated with new opportunities.


Reach out to companies you admire

The usual job sites will be inundated with other applicants, so think about approaching the companies that you would like to be working for. Call them, email your CV and don’t just use a template cover letter, make it personal and show the passion that you have for working for them.

Learn how to sell yourself in all situations

You never know when you’re being judged for whether you’re the perfect fit for an organization. It could be a friend’s BBQ, a school fete or a ladies coffee morning. Things can happen by chance so when you describe what you do, instead of underselling yourself, highlight your skills and what you really do/have done for your previous employers – it doesn’t have to come across as bragging or being egotistical. For example I usually just say “I’m a writer” but I could be saying: “ I help companies to be more effective communicators”.

Follow up

So you’ve sent your CV to an employer, or even been for that interview. Make sure you follow up by making a call or send a follow up email. Ask them whether they’ve received your CV, or send a thank-you email to thank them for their time – it also helps you to reiterate your strengths or discuss points you forgot to make in your interview.

Look towards smaller companies or Start ups

While many bigger organizations are downsizing, smaller companies are enjoying a period of growth and may be looking to expand their team. You may have to take a smaller salary but you could also have the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and pitch in with many different aspects of the business – helping you expand your knowledge and expertise and get you out of your comfort zone.

Our last words are “Stay positive”. It will happen, you just have to see job-hunting as a full-time role and remain focused on what you want to achieve. Good luck everyone. We’d love to hear about your tips and success stories.

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