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Posted On: 7 January 2020 12:57 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:06 pm

The fourth season of Al-Tahadi program on Qetaifan Island North

Binu Cherian
Binu Cherian
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As part of the preparations for the opening of Qetaifan Island North’s beach club, the fourth season of Al-Tahadi program, which will be broadcast on Jeem TV of beIN Sports channels from one of the beaches on the island, has been completed. The production team led by the Ms. Amal Abdel Malek; Executive Producer of the program and Director of Programs in Jeem TV, chose to shoot on one of Qetaifan Island North’s shores, to be the first team to launch this beach and enjoy its charming views. As a continuation of the series of local partnerships and efforts, this was done through a memorandum of agreement between Qetaifan Projects, Jeem TV and Baraem Channel.

On this occasion , H.E Sheikh Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al-Thani, Director of Business Development in Qetaifan Projects was also happy with this type of fruitful partnerships and collaborations, saying "We are pleased in Qetaifan Projects to support such initiatives, and we are keen to actively promote the vision of Qetaifan Island North project, which is not only to create and provide housing and residential units, but rather to present and develop a project that builds an integrated community in which the family has all the means of entertainment; the island’s waterpark is the first of its kind in the Middle East, the greenery on the sides of the Canal, which will be of special importance for the edutainment activities that will be provided to enrich the child's culture with the participation of parents. He added, "What also makes Qetaifan Island North a distinct project is that it will also include a school, medical center and retail outlets, which will provide comprehensive housing solutions for families and will contribute to changing the idea of real estate development in the local market and serve Qatar Vision 2030."

It is worth mentioning that Al-Tahadi Program is a program specialized in entertaining and educating children in an atmosphere of fun and excitement, in which two teams compete on one of the shores of Doha to win Al-Tahadi’s treasure. Where a mini challenging games city was built and designed in the form of a pirate island. Each team will pass the challenge stages, which are five action games that require effort and physical fitness, and the difficulty of the games increases after each competitor passes a stage by achieving the highest score. Until they reach the fifth and final stage in which the winning team will acquire the treasure. Throughout the challenge, children will be interviewed to know the difficulties they faced and their feelings towards each stage on their way to the final stage to achieve victory. The program aims to instil qualities of challenge, will, and love for success in children. As well as accustoming the child to work in the spirit of one team, achieving the goal with effort and persistence, in addition to breaking the routine of children and creating a fun and entertainment atmosphere.

At this point, some may wonder what is the relationship of a real estate development company with the media field directed at families and children? In this regard, the answer came in a statement issued by the Marketing Department of Qetaifan Projects "There is no doubt that the entertainment content provided by Jeem TV aiming to enrich the culture of the child and maintaining his Arab identity is a difficult challenge in light of the options available on the media arena and digital platforms, some of which are not subject to the control of parents, which makes our partnership an addition to future generations, given the shared vision between Qetaifan Projects, Jeem TV and Baraem Channel, which is building a comprehensive society and rehabilitating future generations and empowering them with our Arab culture. We, at Qetaifan Projects, saw that hosting Al-Tahadi program team to shoot the fourth season will be the first steps to support and achieve this vision, through the participation of Jeem TV audience in the experience of shooting Al-Tahadi Program from one of the beaches of Qetaifan Island North. Future generations will not only be proud of the family and edutainment facilities and events that will be featured on the sides of the island's canal as a national project, but they will feel that they are the first to have taken the lead in the first media appearance of Qetaifan Island North on television and that they are an integral part of the development of the first touristic waterfront destination in Qatar. "

It is worth mentioning that Qetaifan Island North, located off Lusail city, features seven beaches; which makes it the city’s distinct waterfront destination. The island spans approximately 1.3 million square meters with 830,000 square meters of attractions.

Source: Press release