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Posted On: 13 March 2021 10:00 pm
Updated On: 23 March 2021 03:02 pm

Study Plus Qatar's measures to make up for learning loss

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It is safe to say that this has been the most difficult school year for students across the world. The impact of COVID19 has left millions of children out of regular school - a considerable number of whom have had imperative exams postponed and their performance & test scores affected.

There is no doubt that gaps in learning will have consequences that will impact the coming years and thus expose myriad challenges for the future. Studies about the extent of learning loss among school children have found that pupils are two months behind in both reading and mathematics compared
with the results of 2017.

It is a fact that home-learning can and will not be able to completely replace in-person classroom teaching. The partial reopening of schools holds several issues that could hamper the educational development of today's children. This means that a lot of students would need significant extra support when they get back to school full time. So, what can parents and students do to make up for this lost time?

The goal must be to create the best possible learning opportunities in a creative and responsible manner. Learning initiatives must be aimed at providing the required assistance for students to catch up on the learning gaps. Formal lessons at school along with additional hours of academic tutoring, music, sports and other activities would help students regain this lost ground.

Weekly Tutoring Sessions

One way to eliminate learning gaps and help students get back on track to better absorb their lessons is through academic tutoring after school hours or on the weekends. One-to-one or small group inperson tutoring is seen as a proven way to help pupils catch up on their studies. Weekly tuitions facilitated by qualified instructors could help one make anywhere between three to six months of progress.

Summer Schools

As summer is around the corner, parents should consider enrolling their children in academic and non-academic summer activities. This would further enable learners to achieve better progress and would reduce the summer slide that most face during school breaks.

Check on Well-being

Given the challenging times we are collectively living in, it is all the more important to keep a check on the mental, physical & emotional health of students. Not only would this facilitate better well-being but would also positively impact students’ performance in academics.

As we navigate these challenging times and establish new ways to ensure that learning never stops, premium tutoring and exam prep centre - StudyPlus Education ensures that children are equipped to learn in an environment that is supportive and encouraging. Armed with over a decade’s worth of experience, the centre boasts of proven courses in Edexcel, Cambridge, IBDP & AP to deliver success through high-quality tuition by fully qualified subject experts in various subjects like Math, Sciences, Business, Humanities, ICT and so on.

Additionally, StudyPlus caters to the needs of young learners (KS1, KS2 and KS3) through MagiKats UK and GoCode academy. The centre provides personalized ability-fit tutoring, in line with the necessary social distancing protocols, that aims to empower students to be ready for the challenges that lie ahead. To know more about the services offered, call 4442-4294, email – [email protected] or visit / /

In the end, the collective objective is to bridge the learning gaps, promote tenacity and prepare young learners for success despite the new and unusual circumstances.


Source: Press Release