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Posted On: 23 February 2020 09:51 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:06 pm

SustainableQATAR’s Weekly Challenge #52: Food

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SustainableQATAR’s 52 weekly challenges – that is one challenge per week for a whole year themed by month – are Qatar-specific and Qatar-relevant opportunities for all residents to take actions in personal life, work and within our communities.

Challenge #52: Food

The final challenge! #52! And it is about Food, from a new perspective. What better way to celebrate completing the 52 Weekly Challenges than with a good meal! It is a banquet filled with options and choices for critical thinking and decision making - for personal actions toward a positive impact. Bon Appetit!

Powerful climate actions and solutions are possible where water, energy and food connect. We need to become more literate about the entire food system by understanding interactions and relationships about how we grow, harvest, transport, prepare, and serve food to maximize our health and minimize food waste and disposal. Did you know that February is Cancer Prevention month? In a number of our weekly challenges we discuss food to fight cancer, healthy brain food, locally grown food, and composting food waste. The Project Drawdown food sector is a powerful reminder to self motivate for food-related impactful solutions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the atmosphere.

Project Drawdown, the world’s leading resource for climate solutions, lists 8 of the top 20 existing solutions to reverse global warming-related to the food system. What we buy to eat three times a day presents one of the most important daily decisions and actions we can make as individuals, that can contribute to conservation agriculture and food waste reduction.

The final weekly challenge celebrates the completion of 52 Weekly Challenges, that build on each other week by week and month by month, for every individual to make better-informed purchasing decisions and adjust habits and behaviors to live more sustainably. The ultimate goal is to reduce our carbon footprint, right here in Qatar, to Think Globally - Act Locally and accelerate implementation of climate solutions.


See Challenge #52 ~ THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY: Food.