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Posted On: 15 April 2021 05:05 pm
Updated On: 16 April 2021 02:08 pm

Silatech launches 2nd annual Ramadan fundraiser campaign

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Silatech launches 2nd annual Ramadan fundraiser campaign

Silatech, an international, non-profit, non-governmental, socio-economic development organization that seeks to connect youth all around the world with meaningful jobs and sustainable employment opportunities launched its 2nd Annual Ramadan Fundraiser Campaign titled “Spare Them From Asking,” to open sources of livelihoods for thousands of unemployed young men and women, including those in dire need of support as a result of devastating job losses around the globe culminating from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

Image credit: Silatech
Image credit: Silatech

According to the latest report from the International labor Organization (ILO), 255 million jobs globally were lost due to the pandemic. The report stated that youth were the most hit, as more than 1 in 6 youth stopped working.

Furthermore, COVID- 19 eliminated vocational training and opportunities for youth which are pivotal for them to enter the job market. This dilemma could lead to catastrophic consequences of having a “lost generation” that may go on for years unless there is an urgent and immediate response.

Silatech CEO, Mr. Hassan Ali AlMulla said, “As the State of Qatar continues its pioneering role of alleviating the pandemic in many countries around the globe, Silatech also works with its regional and international partners to reach youth everywhere and support and upskill them with the necessary tools to acquire jobs and have a sustainable source of income. The Covid-19 pandemic has created a difficult situation for millions of young men and women and their families, especially in poor countries and those witnessing tensions. These challenges stimulate us to alleviate the distressing repercussions on youth.”

Since inception in 2008, Silatech works to connect young people to employment opportunities, and provides them vital resources, including vocational training, capacity building, upskilling, and career guidance, to prepare young men and women with the necessary skills to enter the competitive job market and secure jobs.

In addition, Silatech partners with local financial institutions to facilitate access to capital for young men and women pursuing the establishment of income generating enterprises that have the potential to promote a better quality of life for them and their families while sustaining economic development in countries where often, these youth are refugees witnessing conflict and humanitarian crises.

The goals of the Silatech 2nd Annual Ramadan Fundraising Campaign are to provide aspiring youth with a source of income that spares them from begging and enables youth to start their own enterprises and create jobs that will offer them the opportunity to end systematic poverty, and live decent lives. Each job not only has the capacity to change the lives of young men and women, but it also provides the hope and wherewithal to eradicate poverty and support the livelihoods of entire families. In addition, each job offers much needed security and stability for families in the most marginalized communities around the world.

In this campaign, Silatech extends its gratitude to the partners helping to create a better future for youth, namely Ooredoo, Al Sharq newspaper, and I LOVE Qatar.

Thus far, Silatech with its partners has provided more than 2 million job opportunities for youth in several countries of operations, including Yemen, Palestine, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, and Somalia, and we seek to raise the bar to 5 million job opportunities globally.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Silatech invites all communities to join them and actively participate in their meaningful, 2nd Annual Ramadan Fundraiser Campaign, and be part of changing the lives of millions of young men and women for the better.

Source: Press Release