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Posted On: 13 September 2023 10:50 am
Updated On: 13 September 2023 11:27 am

Immerse yourself in a world of knowledge with Sign-Up September memberships at Qatar National Library

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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This September, Qatar National Library (QNL) is celebrating its Sign-Up September Month, which is a prime opportunity for people in Qatar to immerse themselves in the vast world of knowledge.

Here's a quick interview with Mr. Shadab Ahmed, Head of User Services, about Sign-Up September at QNL. Learn all about the memberships below.

Q: September is a significant month for Qatar National Library with the 'September Sign-Up' initiative. Could you share what inspired this initiative?

A: September marks the beginning of a new academic year in Qatar and is synonymous with the spirit of learning and discovery.

We wanted to embrace this sentiment and inspire residents of Qatar to embark on their own literary journey.

The 'September Sign-Up Month' is our way of inviting everyone, be it students, book enthusiasts, researchers, or the curious-minded, to dive into the exciting world of knowledge, community, and growth that our Library offers.

Q: For someone who might be new to Qatar or unfamiliar with Qatar National Library, can you highlight the primary benefits of becoming a member?

A: Certainly! Membership at Qatar National Library opens a world of resources and benefits.

Members get access to our extensive physical collection, spanning genres, languages, and subjects catering to all age groups.

Members can access our vast collection of e-books, e-journals, audiobooks, and specialized online databases, making it convenient to research or read from anywhere.

Joining QNL also provides opportunities to attend various workshops, seminars, and cultural programs that we host, fostering lifelong learning and community engagement.

Moreover, with our dedicated Children's and Teens' Library, young readers get a stimulating environment to nurture their reading habits and participate in dedicated programs.

All these benefits converge to offer an enriching experience to our members, making QNL not just a library, but a hub of knowledge, culture, and community.

Q: Can you touch upon any exclusive benefits or services that a QNL member might enjoy, which aren't available to non-members?

A: While Qatar National Library welcomes everyone to its physical space, membership unlocks a host of exclusive benefits.

Members can borrow and reserve items from our vast collection, access specialized databases, and use our state-of-the-art study rooms, sensory room and innovation stations which include the green screen room, 3D printing room, digital production station, and music production studio.

Furthermore, members can utilize our interlibrary loan service, accessing materials from libraries around the world providing material in an electronic or print format that are not available in the library’s resources and collections.

In essence, while anyone can visit and explore QNL, membership truly opens the complete range of services and resources we offer.

Q: In today's digital age, how is QNL keeping up and ensuring its resources are accessible to all, especially in our increasingly online world?

A: Qatar National Library is fully attuned to the needs of the digital age. Membership provides access to the Library’s extensive collection of digital resources.

Our digital library encompasses thousands of e-books across genres, e-journals for academic and study pursuits, audiobooks for on-the-go consumption, and a host of specialized databases for research and academic purposes.

Whether you're passionate about history, art, science, or literature, we have something for everyone. Our vast repository ensures that every individual, regardless of their interests, finds materials that enlighten and entertain.

Q: The Sign-Up September promises exclusive rewards for top borrowers and exciting prizes for new members. Could you provide more details on these offers?

A: We always value our loyal members and want to reward their dedication. Our top 50 borrowers in September will receive carefully curated goodie bags.

For our new members who register this month, they stand a chance to win one of three iPads in our lucky draw. It's our way of making the QNL experience even more exciting and rewarding.

Q: Beyond the books, how does QNL foster a sense of community among its members?

A: The library is more than just a space filled with books; it's a thriving community hub.

By joining QNL, members become part of a diverse and vibrant community of learners, readers, and thinkers.

We host numerous engaging events and workshops throughout the year, offering members opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, share interests, and grow together.

Source and cover image credit: Press Release