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Posted On: 28 January 2021 03:00 pm
Updated On: 28 January 2021 12:59 pm

Qommunity Voices: How Qatar British Business Forum is helping UK businesses in Qatar

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Networking is a great way of connecting with people as it allows one to exchange ideas and gain unique opportunities. This is especially true for businesses, trying to expand and look for new avenues. One such organization that is helping people come together by assisting existing UK businesses based in Qatar to focus on new trading paths through networking events is the Qatar British Business Forum (QBBF).

ILQ caught up with QBBF to understand more about what it does and to get you the details on how one can become a member.

ILQ: Can you tell us about QBBF and what does it do?

QBBF: The Qatar British Business Forum is a nonprofit organisation which was established in 1992. It is a flourishing, socially active organisation representing a broad membership base of both British and Qatari businesses across a range of industry sectors. Above all, we connect members by offering support in strengthening business relationships. We assist British companies based in Qatar to focus on new commercial opportunities through regular meetings and networking events that facilitate a purposeful exchange of views, opinions and experiences.

Qatar British Business Forum QBBF December Luncheon
QBBF December Luncheon, Image Credit: QBBF

ILQ: What is your mission and vision with respect to Qatar?

QBBF: Our Mission: To arrange and host varied events, both social and business-focused, at which members and potential members can meet and network for their common benefit as part of a vibrant business community.

Our Vision: To offer a platform for effective networking and the building of long-lasting business relationships to a diverse membership across all industry sectors within the British and Qatari community in an environment that is supportive, free from discrimination and is politically neutral; values that the QBBF believe are important to uphold.

ILQ: Who can join QBBF?

QBBF: QBBF extends a warm welcome to new members and encourages active participation at its highly popular events. Working and operating overseas presents many challenges for any business so prospective members will have an ideal opportunity to meet fellow professionals across all commercial sectors to share ideas and experiences within a vibrant social environment. To become a member you must either be a British Citizen holding a professional or managerial appointment, living and working in the State of Qatar; or a person of Qatari or other nationality, holding a senior appointment who lives in the State of Qatar and works for a British company or any Qatari registered company or business which represents British goods or services.

ILQ: How can one become a member?

QBBF: To apply for a membership, you can complete our online Membership Form via our website ( which will be submitted to the QBBF committee for review. Alternatively please contact [email protected] to discuss further and/or request a hard copy membership form.

Qatar British Business Forum QBBF
QBBF Networking Event, Image Credit: QBBF

ILQ: What are the benefits of becoming a member of QBBF?

QBBF: The benefits are as follows:

  • Access to our monthly networking lunches/breakfasts/webinars
  • Invite for you and a guest to our social events throughout the year
  • Company profile in our yearly directory which is circulated across Qatar
  • Company profile on our website
  • Welcome to our new members' advert on social media platforms, website and monthly newsletter
  • Membership card which gives you QBBF discount across our partners
  • Direct links and access to the British Embassy and Department of Trade & Investment

ILQ: Which industries/sectors are part of QBBF currently?

QBBF: Currently, we have a very broad range of industry sectors including: Advertising / Aerospace and Defense / Automotive / Business to Business Exhibitions / Business Services / Construction and Engineering / Consultancy Services / Design Services / Education / Electronics and Electrical Equipment / Energy / Entertainment / Financial Services / Food and Beverage / Freight and Shipping / Government / Healthcare / Hotels and Resorts / Industrial Services and Equipment / Information Technology / Insurance Services / Internet Services / Legal / Leisure and Tourism / Luxury and Gifts / Manufacturing / Marketing and PR / Media / Not for Profit / Oil and Gas / Photography and Videography / Publishing and Printing / Real Estate / Recruitment and Training / Retail / Telecommunications / Transport and Logistics; and Translation Services.

HRH Sophie Countess of Wessex with Emad Turkman MBE Chairman of QBBF Qatar British Business Forum
HRH Sophie Countess of Wessex with Emad Turkman MBE Chairman of QBBF, Image Credit: QBBF

ILQ: What are the various events members can participate in?

QBBF: The majority of our events are to facilitate and foster business connections and relationships but also friendships. We have many events throughout the year. We have at least one member’s luncheon and networking evening per month and in addition, we have some highlight events such as the Cheese and Wine evening, the Poppy Ball, the Directory Launch and we are hoping to offer a BBQ evening brunch this year. Further, we are partnering with our member companies and local businesses to offer online webinars as an additional learning resource. Over the years we have been honoured to have some of the British Royal Family join us at our events and we regularly have our British Ambassador, Jon Wilks CMG in attendance. All our events are posted on our website. Access to our events is by membership or by being a guest of a member.

Qatar British Business Forum QBBF Business Awards
QBBF Business Awards, Image Credit: QBBF

ILQ: What are some of the awards given by QBBF to its members?

QBBF: The QBBF business awards which was launched in 2015 acknowledges business excellence and successful Qatari partnerships within the British community. The awards are open to all our members.

The categories include:

  • Qatar Partner of the Year
  • QBBF Business Man of the Year
  • QBBF Business Woman of the Year
  • QBBF Organisation of the Year
  • QBBF Start-Up Business of the Year
  • QBBF Work in Community

ILQ: What are some of the community outreach undertaken by QBBF in Qatar?

QBBF: We are, as a business forum, now starting to reach out to our wider community. For example for our Directory this year, we held a design competition for school years 7-11 to take part. We can announce that our very talented winner for the 2021 Directory is Schlga Mittal, age 13, from Park House English School. Further to this, we have a brand new project that is yet to be launched that will assist students looking for work experience to connect with our wide network of companies. The companies will have assistance through the summer months and the students will gain an insight into the world of work. A win for all.

We are always open to other suggestions and ideas for more community outreach and welcome thoughts from our members and local organisations.

ILQ: How to become a sponsor for QBBF?

QBBF: We would like to thank all our supporters and sponsors of the QBBF. There are a range of packages, from our Platinum Sponsor to advert opportunities in our Directory and event sponsors throughout the year. To find out more detail and how to get involved we ask you to reach out and get in touch with us.

ILQ: What message do you have for our audience?

QBBF: We are always looking to grow our community, so if you think that you would be a good fit for our membership, please send in your application online or give us a call to discuss. We would also welcome thoughts on further outreach opportunities or synergy between businesses and the wider community. In addition, as our primary focus is to promote trade between the UK and Qatar, we would like to encourage all UK businesses in Qatar to get in touch so that we can support you.

Contact details of Qatar British Business Forum/ QBBF:

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Cover image credit: QBBF