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Posted On: 28 February 2016 10:14 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

Being a regular in Qatar

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I went to get one of my favorite salads today. I hadn’t been to the little shop in Landmark Mall in ages. As I approached the counter, the entire staff was so happy to see me, and they began asking why I was missing in action for so long. The experience actually made my day.

Then I thought about how often that happens here. I tend to like the places I go to and stick to them. I am deeply loyal to the brands and products that I love. I was the same way back home too, yet no one remembered me.

I can go to a busy hectic restaurant in Doha (read: Applebee’s) and the waitress will remember my name and my children’s names every time we go – and we only ever go once a month.

Being a regular in Qatar is quite the rewarding experience. Just show a little kindness and friendliness and the staff will remember you forever. For instance, I have a coffee shop I go to every morning, but whenever I bring my children along they get huge free decadent chocolate drinks. They get more for free than what I purchase.

You quickly realize that many of those serving you are far from their families, friends, and their homes. They work long hours and in very impersonal environments. Your kindness means the world to them.

In Qatar, being a regular is a highly rewarding experience. I have met some amazing Filipinas here who have inspired me. They work tirelessly, rarely complain, and keep on smiling. They are grateful for every minute in Qatar and when you show a little kindness, it makes them smile a little bit more :)