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Posted On: 30 April 2016 12:29 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Aigner Creates a bag Inspired by Qatar

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As the success of Aigner Cybill bag skyrockets, the world class brand takes a journey around the world and designs a metropolitan collection inspired by the worlds greatest cities. To date, the brand has created 10 luxury metropolitan inspired bags with their famous Cybill design. The exclusive and limited line includes cities like Munich, Berlin, London, Dubai, Kuwait, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Jakarta, and the 10th bag being it’s last stop in the Middle East, Qatar.

Qatar’s bag is “inspired by the arabesque patterns which has been a part of the Islamic tradition for centuries”. The beautiful maroon bag honestly screams Qatar at first glance, and although exclusiveness adds to the significance of the bag, sadly, only 50 pieces are made of each carefully structured and designed bag. And although the Qatari bag is amazing in design and structure, we couldn’t overlook the other bags inspired by Middle Eastern cities like Dubai and Kuwait.


The Kuwaiti bag, much like Qatar, was inspired by an architectural design. Their 185 meters tall water towers which existed for more than 37 years while in the midst of a desert, was their point if inspiration. Their a blue work of art, with it’s multi tone triangular designs, sculpt the beauty of the Cybill bag, whilst also representing what defines the Kuwaiti cities skyline.

Away from architecture, Dubai’s bag is inspired by the iconic falcon. As stated on their website, it’s their perception on a modern graphic image of the falcon. The falcon is specifically chosen because of it’s significance and representation in the Arab world, especially it’s strength and power and it’s embodiment of the Bedouin traditions which go back thousands of years. Not only did they capture the routes of the region, the tradition and strength, they also captured the wealth of the nation by including three embossed high gloss luxury finishes of Ostrich, crocodile and snake.

One might question the purpose of creating these bag, we know we did! As an Aigner representative responded in a private preview of Qatar’s bag, these bags are designed as a result of the beauty we see when we visit these cities which we can not simply ignore, with the addition to the significance and impact of the customers from these countries.

These bags are in selected locations around the world, lucky enough you can personally see and purchase the Qatari inspired Cybill bag in the BlueSalon.