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Posted On: 8 November 2021 10:00 am
Updated On: 14 November 2021 05:07 pm

Rafeeq launches new project called “Waka-Cloud Kitchen”

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Mr. Abdullah Thamer Al-Humaidi, Chairman of Rafeeq Al-Darb Trading Services and Transportation, announced the launch of a new project called “Waka-Cloud Kitchen”, which is a central kitchen offering several cloud restaurants that a customer can order from via delivery applications.

Mr. Abdullah stated that:

“After a unique experience that made us at the forefront of the general ranking of delivery companies, including our unique startup, "Rafeeq Al-Darb" company, the pioneers behind it started looking for a new original concept that will disrupt the world of F&B in last mile delivery business, and so we have pushed this new investment to become the new reality of disruptive online kitchens.”

Mr. Abdullah Thamer Al-Humaidi explained that his latest high-trend project, "Waka - Cloud Kitchen", will offer a series of different restaurants in their meals, methods of preparation, and their own recipes through multiple options that you can only use through delivery mobile without the need for a physical kitchen or restaurant, or several establishments, as one place will ensure that all these restaurants and cafes provide their services for the first time in Qatar through the first and unique project of its kind in Qatar.

In this context, Abdullah Al-Humaidi confirmed that "Waka - Cloud Kitchen" will launch 70 restaurants with pending 50 restaurants of well-known brands in the region and international presence, estimating the total number of restaurants up tp 120 by the beginning of 2022, and that the number is expected to double to more than 300 restaurants before end of next year.

Rafeeq launches new project called “Waka-Cloud Kitchen”
Image credit: Press Release

Mr. Abdullah pointed out that this project will make it easier for many of the restaurant owners and cafes to present the dishes they bet on and their new meals through Waka, which will save them the trouble of owning a place in terms of preparation, rent, services and other similar dues when launching each project, restaurant or café, which is an opportunity small business owners and medium enterprises in the F&B field to capitalize their investment through Waka Kitchens, which will provide them with practical energy.

In response to a question about the benefits that accrue to business owners from joining “Waka-Cloud Kitchen”, Abdullah Al-Hamidi said:

“These benefits include joining fees and very low operating cost, expanding the reach of new customers, managing time to achieve the maximum benefit from Daily operation, in addition to marketing through our partners "GO RAFEEQ", "Qatar Foundation", and Qatar Airways.
He also said, “We also offer different terms and conditions for our commercial clients, which makes partnering with “Waka-Cloud Kitchen” easy, stress-free and mutually beneficial. The benefits for our customers also include: faster delivery, better taste, variety of food and better value."

For his part, Mr. Dmitrijs Labada, General Manager of Waka, said:

“Our story began with the vision of the CEO of RAFEEQ (Food Delivery platform), Mr. Abdullah AL Humaidi to create a unique working environment for restaurant and café owners and offer various food options at competitive prices without compromising the quality for customers. After a decade of building successful local F&B brands, day-to-day running of GO RAFEEQ and constant interaction with business owners and clients, we had enough data and knowledge to make Mr. Abdullah Al Humaidi's vision a reality.”

He noted that given the current food and beverage trends locally and internationally and through constant communication with business owners and customers, it has become certain that cloud kitchens concept is here to.

He also added:

“We at WAKA - Cloud Kitchen are a firm believer in cloud kitchen models and will continue to develop ourselves and our models to be able to provide mutually beneficial relationships to our partners and end customers on a daily basis”.

Source and image credit: Press Release