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Posted On: 30 January 2020 11:39 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:06 pm

Startup of the Week: Save money with Doha Treats

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Every week, ILQ features a different Qatari startup in our ‘Startup of the Week’ segment. Qatar has some of the most creative, unique, and impactful startups in the region, and we cover them all across a variety of industries in Doha, from fashion and beauty to food and dining, health, education, and more!

This week, we're looking into saving money with DohaTreats, a daily deals website that offers great discounts in various categories to explore Qatar’s most popular and new hangout spots without burning a hole through your pocket!

According to Keertana Coduru, Creative Editor of, the business has been online and open for the last 4 months. The company started with an intention to provide people in Qatar an easy to use and convenient platform where people can get the best of what’s out there at affordable prices. There are treats on food, health, beauty, home services, buy-one-get-one, fun, fitness, online courses, and a variety of products.

From an idea to becoming an online market place

A group of friends with many years of experience in the e-commerce industry met over a cup of coffee, wanted to offer affordable ways for businesses to reach out to the community and also offer the community at large here to explore this country’s new and popular hangout spots, Keertana shared. Anisha Mary Kuruvilla is the name of the founder.

Customers' response

According to DohaTreats, the response so far has been positive. Keertana mentioned, "We are excited about our growth and reaching out to people about our platform. Services here are affordable by the masses. We are also very soon going to launch our mobile application."


Users can earn rewards every time you buy a treat. These rewards points can then be used to buy more treats. There's also a referral fee of QR50 store credit for every friend you refer to the website. The maximum credit added to your account cannot exceed QR400 in one year.

On startups and business

When asked how their business is relevant to the people of Qatar, Keertana answered:

It is important to stay relevant during these growing economic times. Businesses like ours strive to move forward and exist in this country to provide affordable and great places for the community of Qatar to explore on their own terms and within the means of their pockets.

It helps smaller and popular businesses promote themselves on a user-friendly platform who most times do not have the means of doing it themselves.

DohaTreats did not seek any help from any startup incubation company during the development of the company but they said that they are always open to investors and having a productive discussion about our growth.

ILQ also asked Doha Treats on how beneficial startups are to Qatar:

Doha Treats: Of course. Startups are a great way to see that Qatar has any opportunities to grow in terms of potential for e-commerce businesses and there is a scope for a lot of companies as long as they are catering to the requirements of the market.

And this is their advice for young entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing startups of their own:

If you won’t take a risk, you’ll never know what could’ve happened. We say, invest in good market research for your idea to take shape ad have a good budget to stay relevant for the first year.

Invest in your team getting the right people for the right job. Success is defined by taking a risk and taking a leap forward.

Doha Treats details: is an easy-to-use platform where Registration is absolutely FREE. You can check out new deals on a daily basis. Just pick the ones that you love the most and pay using your Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal account.

Customers can also visit the office to deposit cash directly into their account for use at a later date! Hurry up and Click for Happiness for all the treats you deserve. Watch out soon for the mobile app and the latest reward programs!




Contact numbers: Tel: (+974) 4477 2855 | Mob: (+974) 5043 7333

Email: [email protected]


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