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Posted On: 18 March 2021 01:28 pm
Updated On: 18 March 2021 03:17 pm

Qatar may get a floating hotel that spins to make its own electricity soon!

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Qatar may just have a floating hotel that spins to makes it own electricity soon!

Have you ever heard of a floating hotel? A hotel that spins? A hotel that spins to produce its own energy? Seems very futuristic, doesn't it? Well, the future is here and Qatar may soon have it's very own eco-floating hotel!

The Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS) has come up with this concept of an eco-floating hotel inspired by the sea and a vortex, that would spin very slowly and complete a full circle in 24-hours with a continuous current, so it could generate its very own electricity through tidal, solar and wind energy. The vision of Hayri Atak is to have a 152-room eco-floating hotel off the coast of Qatar that is designed to minimise the loss of energy and uses the principle of zero waste. The hotel would have three main entrances from the shore because of the 140-degree access pier that will surround the hotel, but will remain stationary. (Design Boom)

According to the Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio:

"The eco-floating hotel is inspired by the sea with which it is associated in the first degree in terms of form and design principle. However, the sea which gives the structure physical and tangible power and receives the return it needs in a mutualistic form also directs the shape of the structure with the idea of the whirlpool."

The hotel will have a vortex-inspired roof to collect rainwater that can be treated and also used as greywater or to water the green areas of the hotel. Clean water will be obtained by purifying seawater, while wastewater will be treated in such a way that it doesn't harm the environment, and

"the design team at HAADS integrates a system of green energy production called VAWTAU, vertical axis wind turbine and umbrella. On the vertical plane, this works as a wind turbine, while on the horizontal plane it serves as a sun umbrella. HAADS says that this system can obtain 25 kW of energy from each of the 55 VAWTAU modules." (Design Boom)
Qatar may just have a floating hotel that spins to makes it own electricity soon!
Image credit: HAADS

Guests will be able to access the eco-floating hotel via car, boat, or helicopter and drone to a helipad that wil be located on the floating pier of the hotel.

The hotel will have a massive 700 m2 lobby and all 152 rooms will have their own balcony, so guests can enjoy the different views as the hotel revolves. There will also be indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a sauna, spa, gym, and mini-golf course, along with contemporary amenities and services. (Design Boom)

Qatar may just have a floating hotel that spins to makes it own electricity soon!
Image credit: HAADS

Now, that the concept is complete, the next stage is the feasibility of the project, along with technical studies, so the project can be implemented. HAAD aims to have this eco-floating hotel ready by 2025. (Design Boom)

Sources: Design Boom; Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio
Cover image credit: Hayri Atak