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Posted On: 22 July 2020 02:00 pm
Updated On: 13 January 2022 05:23 pm

Dr. Buthaina Al Ansari: one of the Arab World's most powerful Qatari businesswomen

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Dr. Buthaina Al Ansari is one of Qatar's leading businesswomen and a prominent figure in Qatar's business circle. She has been ranked 19th in Arabian Business Magazine's list of most powerful women in the Middle East and is a key driving force behind strategic and operational effectiveness for some of Qatar’s leading industries.

She is an entrepreneur, founder and Chairperson of Tamkeen Training and Consulting Solutions, a company that specialises in facilitating Qatari women’s workforce advancement within three main segments: training and development, business and development consultancy, and media and publishing.

In 2005, Buthaina founded the Strike for Marketing and Communications (MARCOM) which is a Qatari creative and event management agency, leading the way at the forefront of event management services in Qatar, and offering clients complete high-quality marketing, communications, event planning and talent services and solutions.

She is also the Chairman Advisor of her family business, Just Real Estate, and has been the Acting Human Resources Director at the Qatar Investment Authority and the Senior Human Resources Director at Ooredoo.

This wife and mother of four beautiful children is an ardent supporter of women's development and her mission is to help improve the working lives of the women around her. This has earned her the title of Qatar Women Leading Change ambassador.

Buthaina is also a member of the MENA Business Women’s Networks, a board member of Qatar Business Women’s Association, and a Mentor at the Qatar Professional Women’s Network Circle.

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Recipe for success

Buthaina has a well-used recipe for success:

The first ingredient for success is a supportive family structure.

Luckily, Buthaina has this!

According to Buthaina, having a supportive family structure is the first ingredient needed for success, especially if you belong to the Arab world, where it's especially important for women to have a family that understands the imperatives of any business endeavour, and the need to split time and resources equally between the home and the workplace.

The second ingredient is a solid educational background.

Buthaina has a Master’s Degree in Business Management and HR Strategic Planning from Qatar University, and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from the American University of Cairo. That's not all! She also has a doctorate in the field of Women Empowerment and Employment in Leadership Positions within the Private Sector from Nottingham Trent University, UK.

The third ingredient for success is taking risks, and to challenge the norm, which is important for an entrepreneur.

Buthaina had to take some personal risks to take on a business career. She began her studies as a biomedical science student, because this vocational path was her family's idea of a successful career. However, Buthaina took a risk and changed her degree to business administration so she could fulfil her personal objectives.

In a speech Buthaina delivered at a Georgetown University of Qatar CIRS Monthly Dialogue on the topic of “Sheroes—How Female Leaders are Changing Qatar” on 17 November 2014, she said:

“There are male and female achievers, but there are only ‘heroes,’ and I do believe there should be ‘sheroes'.
“I took risks in my thoughts, I took risks in my decisions, and I took risks in my plans, and that has opened a lot of doors and opportunities for me.”.

She did acknowledge, however, that such freedom of choice and making one's own decisions are not necessarily options that are open to all Qatari females.

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The final ingredient for success is to differentiate oneself from the surrounding competition.

Buthaina believes it's very important to “market yourself, position yourself, and brand yourself,” and focus on a particular segment of the market. She chose the women's segment in Qatar because she wanted to help them get empowered. She wanted to guide them, enable them to work harder and take on more active roles in order to balance the labour market in Qatar.

In an interview in 2019, she told Arabisk London:

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi; this quote is the fuel of my business life, and can always drive me to make more efforts and success. The human being should not be a mere number on the ID card, then end up as a number once he dies. There is a full life between those two numbers a person must put his mark."

After mixing all the ingredients for success together, the final product is phenomenal.

As a result of her passion to succeed, Buthaina has been recognised several times for her involvement in commercial and non-profit ventures.

In 2012, she received the L’Officiel Qatar’s 'Most Inspirational Arab Woman of the Year' Award.

In 2014, she was chosen as Entrepreneur Qatar’s '2014 Equality Enterprise Achiever' at the Qatar Enterprise Agility Awards in association with Barclays.

She has also been voted by CommsMEA as one of the 'Top 50 Female Telecoms Executives', and for the past several years she has been named by as one of the '100 Most Powerful Arab Women'.

On the global stage, she has represented Qatar during the Entrepreneur Forum in London, Entrepreneur Presidential Summit in the US, and Investment Forum in New York. She has also been appointed as a Judge at the Qatar Foundation’s popular edutainment reality programme, the Stars of Science competition, conducted by the Qatar Foundation.

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The icing on the cake!

Buthaina is also an accomplished and published writer. She has already published three books: one in 2017 called “Stronger than the Siege”, the second one is called “Sheroes” and talks about prominent Qatari women, and the third one is called "Qatari Women Before and After Oil".

For more information about Buthaina Al Ansari, please visit her Instagram page: @buthainaalansari

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