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Posted On: 7 July 2021 04:00 pm
Updated On: 28 July 2021 11:01 am

Hanan Alyafei: Alrayyan TV presenter, QBS Radio media expert and influencer

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Hanan Alyafei has been a TV presenter for Alrayyan TV for the last two years and a social media influencer since 2017. In addition, she is a media expert for QBS Radio and this brings her overall media experience to about 10 years. Before that, she worked as a teacher of the Arabic language for about 13 years. She has a Masters degree in Education Leadership and a Ph.D. in Arabic language from Qatar University. This mother of two boys and a girl, Hanan (whose birthday is on 13 November) is also a fitness and cycling enthusiast.

The (ILQ) team had the chance to do an exclusive Q&A session with Hanan to get an insight into how she became a TV presenter and influencer. We also got to know more about her personality and what makes her who she is.

1. How did you become a TV presenter/public figure in Qatar?

Hanan: I always dreamt of being a TV presenter so I took up 100 hours of courses in media at the Al Jazeera Media Institute for training. After that, I felt that I should try my luck and send my CV to one of the channels; so I sent it to the Alrayyan TV Channel. They did some pilots for me and they accepted me in the very first meeting.

As for how I became a public figure, I have a simple answer. It was by accident. I like to post my daily life, some things that I like, my habits, positive quotes. When you post daily on social media, it becomes like your career, and you become an influencer. Khalas!

2. Do tell us about your love of cycling.

Who's Who in Qatar: Hanan Alyafei: Alrayyan TV presenter, QBS Radio media expert and influencer
Image credit: Hanan Alyafei

Hanan: When I was younger, I loved to ride, and cycling was very popular in Qatar, especially among the boys, probably more than girls. As I grew up, I became busy with other things and forgot about cycling. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, I started cycling again. I feel cycling has now become my passion. Now I cycle daily and I discover a new track almost everyday.

Another thing is that cycling has made me feel fit and my focus has improved. The other good thing is that I also started thinking that I should start a business in this field, so I established my company 'Wheels', and it will be launched in Lusail City by October 2021.

3. What do you consider to be your career highlight?

Hanan: Being a TV presenter, hosting a programme, and being part of a programme.

4. What's your future plan? Is there something else you'd like to do?

Hanan: I have a strategy and a plan to be a trainer in entrepreneurship. In fact, I am already doing courses to be a trainer. This is a passion for me, probably because when I started my business, I was an accelerator at the Digital Incubation Centre, so I learnt a lot. I have the knowledge now and through my business, I will practice more. I hope to be able to help all new startups learn about the business and to become aware that there is a strategy when you want to establish a new company.

5. Who is your inspiration?

Who's Who in Qatar: Hanan Alyafei: Alrayyan TV presenter, QBS Radio media expert and influencer
Image credit: Hanan Alyafei

Hanan: My inspiration is myself because when I remember my life I remember that there have been many challenges that I faced. However, through my belief in God, I fought each of these challenges and step-by-step, I became successful.

6. Who is your favourite TV presenter?

Hanan: Oprah Winfrey (international presenter) and Radwa El Sherbini (an Egyptian presenter).

7. What would you like to be remembered for?

Hanan: I would like to be remembered for helping people and making a difference in people's life. For example, if someone asks my advice I give it to them and if this makes a difference in their life: WOW!

If they ask me to train them in any kind of skills that I may have, then, I would be grateful to do that.

8. What's the best thing about what you do?

Hanan: My social life, my business, and, most importantly, ongoing learning. I learn something new everyday from other people, even if they are younger than me. This is important for me and that is what has made me successful in my life. In my career, I started in a junior position and worked my way up. Today, I am the Vice President of QBS Radio. Even in my business, I accept learning, so this has helped me grow step-by-step.

9. Is there something particular that you're really proud of?

Who's Who in Qatar: Hanan Alyafei: Alrayyan TV presenter, QBS Radio media expert and influencer
Image credit: Hanan Alyafei

Hanan: I am proud that I was a volunteer for the Qatar Red Crescent Society during the COVID-19 pandemic in Qatar, and even though it has been a hard time for all us, we should stay hopeful, we should stay strong and take care of our immunity, our mind and our body.

10. What advice do you have for someone new in your field?

Hanan: Save money. Life is work and you work to enjoy your life. And enjoy every single moment in your life. Don't stop learning. Develop your skills. Join courses. Watch YouTube (relevant programmes). Talk to people who are in the same field. Accept your mistakes. Don't blame yourself. Forgive yourself. And learn from your mistakes. Ignore negative people.

11. What do you think are the secrets behind getting to where you are?

Hanan: I think the secret is to keep on learning because when you stop learning, you lose everything. I also hope that because I help a lot of people, (and when I say help, I mean when I train them, teach them and help them reach their goals), the karma comes back to me, and has helped me get to where I am today.

12. If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?

Hanan: Maybe I will take more care of my money! My mother used to tell me that it's important to save money, but I used to tell her why should I save. Now, though, I feel that time is really flying, and I need to save/invest my money. When I was young, no one taught me about the culture of saving or investing. There was no internet when I was growing up, so I had no access to this sort of information.

13. Tell us something about yourself that no one or very few people know?

Hanan: That I can't see very well without my glasses! Sometimes people think I am rude because I didn't say hello, but it's not like that. I tell them I couldn't see them clearly.

14. What was the hardest decision you ever had to make?

Hanan: To be an independent woman after I got divorced.

15. How would you describe yourself in 4 words?

Hanan: Simple. Uncomplicated. Polite. Peaceful.

16. What are your hobbies?

Hanan: Reading. I love reading. I read daily. This is my habit. I read novels and books on self-development. Riding bicycles is also my passion.

17. What are your favourite travel destinations?

Who's Who in Qatar: Hanan Alyafei: Alrayyan TV presenter, QBS Radio media expert and influencer
Image credit: Hanan Alyafei

Hanan: London and Egypt.

18. What are your favourite foods?

Hanan: Before, I used to love bread and cheese with Karak. But now, when I am making a transition in my life and taking care of my health, I started with intermittent fasting, and even though I love to eat bread, now with a healthy lifestyle, I eat things made with almond flour. I also love Karak.

19. Is there any message you’d like to give the people/youth in Qatar?

Hanan: My words to the youth are that there are a lot of opportunities now through the internet. But, if you lose any opportunity, don't blame yourself, and don't think it's the end of the world. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Give yourself presents. Don't get too attached to anyone or anything. Life is short. Enjoy every single moment. If you have made any mistakes, know that it is ok. This time will pass.

Know more about Hanan Alyafei through her social media page:

Instagram: @_hanona75

Cover image credit: Hanon Alyafei

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