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Posted On: 9 August 2023 01:00 pm
Updated On: 9 August 2023 10:54 am

What to look forward to at Palms Mall (Muaither)

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Have you heard of the Palms Mall located in Muaither? If not, you can find out now, as the (ILQ) team is here to tell you more about it.

Palms Mall houses numerous abaya outlets, perfumeries, a kid's entertainment zone and even an unheard-of bazaar for ladies, making this a must-visit mall!

Retail outlets

What to look forward to at Palms Mall (Muaither)
Al Jazeera Perfumes outlet at Palms Mall.

If you're hunting for some ladies' wear, household items or even school supplies, Palms Mall is the place to check out. The mall is also a great spot to get your hands on some perfumes or bukhoor.

The list of retail outlets you can find is as follows:

  • Ground Floor:
    • Department stores:
      • Al Rawnaq (two stores on the ground floor)
    • Household items:
      • Sivas
    • Perfumeries:
      • Zuhoor Reef
      • Al Jazeera Perfumes
    • Abaya shops:
      • Al Khushi Abaya
      • Latifa Hamad Ladies Tailor
      • Fashion Tech Trading and Tailoring
      • Al Taqwa Trading and Fashion
    • Accessories:
      • Amana Wet Women’s Supplies
    • Chocolatier:
      • Lavender Chocolates
    • Pharmacy:
      • Wellcare Pharmacy
  • Mezzanine Floor:
    • Sports shop:
      • Bin Jafan Sports
    • Abaya shops:
      • Saniya For Abaya
      • Saima Trading and Women Tailoring
    • Gift/Party Store:
      • Giraffco Events Trading
  • First Floor:
    • Department stores:
      • Happy Baby Trading


What to look forward to at Palms Mall (Muaither)
Bushra Trading phone accessories kiosk on the ground floor.

There are kiosks across the mall that retail perfumes, phone accessories, abayas & other items.

Here is the list of kiosks you could visit:

  • Ground Floor
    • Abayas:
      • Fashion Tech
      • Sweet Dreams Concept Trading
    • Phone accessories:
      • Bushra Trading
    • Perfumerie:
      • Lothan Perfumes
      • Atyaf Al Sheekh Bukhoor
    • Honey vendor:
      • Mamlakat Alshahd
    • Toys & balloons:
      • PonyCycle

Bazar St.

What to look forward to at Palms Mall (Muaither)
Entrance to the bazaar at The Palms Mall.

Palms Mall is a hidden gem for abayas with an exclusive bazaar located on the first floor. You can find abayas sold by multiple vendors at various price ranges. You can bargain too!

What to look forward to at Palms Mall (Muaither)
Display of handbags at the bazaar.

The bazaar also has vendors selling a wide selection of handbags, shoes & jewellery.

Children's Entertainment

What to look forward to at Palms Mall (Muaither)
Yippyland kids' play area on the first floor of Palms Mall.

If you are headed to the mall with children, you can keep them occupied with some indoor rides at Yippyland or even have them enjoy a pony cycle ride from the kiosk on the ground floor.


  • Instagram: @yippylandentertainmentqatar

Pony Cycle

  • Price: QR 20 for a 10-minute ride
  • Instagram:



What to look forward to at Palms Mall (Muaither)
Food court seating area on the first floor of Palms Mall.

To enjoy a meal at Palms Mall, you could visit the food court on the first floor, where there's a range of food outlets and enough seating.

  • Papa Johns
    • Instagram: @papajohnsqatar
  • Kabsa & Daqus
    • Instagram: @kabsa_daqus
  • Chef Alfreej
    • Instagram: @chef_alfreej
  • The Donut Bar
    • Instagram:
  • Qokio
    • Instagram: @qokioqatar
  • Capsicum Restaurant
    • Instagram: @capsicumrestaurantqa
  • Sanwesheh Restaurant
    • Instagram: @sanwesheh_restaurant
  • Babylon Restaurant
    • Instagram: @babylonrestaurantqatar


  • Cane Hut
    • Instagram: @cane_hut

Service providers

What to look forward to at Palms Mall (Muaither)
Vodafone kiosk is located on the mezzanine floor.

Palms Mall is a convenient spot to stop by if you are in the Muaither or Al Rayyan vicinity and need to visit any of your network service providers, as Ooredoo has a store on the ground floor, and Vodafone kiosk can be found on the mezzanine floor.

    Salons & spas

    What to look forward to at Palms Mall (Muaither)
    The male spa and female salons are both located on the mezzanine floor.

    For some grooming and relaxing self-care, you could check out the male spa, ladies' salon or hair treatment centre within the space.

    • ByeNits
      • Instagram: @byenitsqa
    • Marina Lounge (for men):
      • Instagram: @marinaloungespa
    • Beauty Sider (for women):
      • Instagram: @beautysider

    Prayer rooms

    What to look forward to at Palms Mall (Muaither)
    Interior of the ladies' prayer room at Palms Mall.

    Ladies can find a prayer room on the mall's ground floor, while the men's prayer room is in the basement parking area.


    What to look forward to at Palms Mall (Muaither)
    Basement parking at Palms Mall.

    There is abundant parking which can be found surrounding the exterior of the mall or even within the basement.

    Seating area

    What to look forward to at Palms Mall (Muaither)
    Seating area is located near the entrance on the ground floor of Palms Mall.

    Thanks to the seating spaces across the mall, you can give yourself a break amidst the shopping or errands.



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