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Posted On: 24 November 2020 05:00 pm
Updated On: 29 November 2020 09:04 am

Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition

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Looking for some nice spots where you can take a selfie or two or three, or many more? Doha is filled with spots that are just perfect for that selfie. In this Qatar Guide, we'll tell you about some of the more popular selfie spots in Doha. We're sure we'll catch you in one of these spots soon.

Note: The images given below show the perfect spot for you to stand or sit and take that perfect selfie of this beautiful country!

Cool indoor selfie spots

The RGB Tunnel at Store974

Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
Image credit: Mr.Q - Khalifa Al Haroon (Instagram: @iloveqatar)

Store974, Qatar's first PC Gaming Store opened the doors of its flagship store at The Gate Mall in 2019 and has fast become the hangout place for gaming enthusiasts in Qatar. it's the one-stop-shop for all their PC and gaming needs! But that's not what we're here to talk about. We're here to tell you the best selfie spot there!

Best selfie spot: Store974 has an awesome and colourful indoor selfie spot that's in its new expansion wing on the 1st Floor - the RGB tunnel. It's the perfect spot to take that selfie.

Location: The Gate Mall, West Bay, Doha - Qatar

Archway at Yasmine Palace

Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
Image credit: Yasmine Palace

When you enter Yasmine Palace, you are instantly transported into another world – a world that is exotic, mystical and magical. The period-inspired interiors and décor will make you feel like you’re in a long-forgotten Damascene township that’s seeped in the rich culture and heritage that makes this part of the Arab world well-known for its warm welcome and hospitality. This is surely selfie heaven! But the best selfie spot is the archway that leads to the main dining area of this beautiful and colourful restaurant.

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The Gift Shop at the National Museum of Qatar

Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
Image credit: Shutterstock

The National Museum of Qatar brings the story of Qatar and its people through the ages so people can learn more about and all experience the country's past, present and future through the exhibitions and different sections that showcase its rich cultural heritage and traditions. Though you'll find quite a few selfie spots in the museum and around it, people just love the museum's Gift Shop and its walls, and we do agree. It's the perfect selfie spot!

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    Bookshelves at Qatar National Library

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit Qatar National Library

    Qatar National Library is the pride and joy of Qatar, and it's a beautiful open space where you'll find shelves and shelves of endless books of all kinds. There are lots of windows that allow the natural light to come in giving the space a surreal feel. The shelves that are filled with thousands of colourful books is the perfect backdrop for that perfect selfie, especially if you take it from the first floor. That way, you'll get to capture, at least one side of this contemporary library with the books that live there!

    Location: Education City, Doha - Qatar


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    The swimming pool at Mondrian Doha

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Mondrian Doha

    Mondrian Doha is one of Qatar's most colourful themed hotels and is a popular spot in Doha. This 5-star hotel has a decor that is sure to wow you, and many selfie spots. The indoor swimming pool area of this luxury hotel is the absolutely most perfect spot in the Mondrian Doha for that awesome selfie.

    Location: Next to Lagoona Mall, West Bay Lagoon, Doha - Qatar


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    The Vortex Tunnel at the Museum of Illusions

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Museum of Illusions

    The Museum of Illusions is just that - a place that's filled with some of the coolest illusions ever. You'll love it there and the Museum is bound to trick your senses in a whole new way. There are some really awesome selfie spots here and, in fact, the Museum loves when you take selfies there, it's that camera friendly. It's even placed markers on its floors so you can get the best selfie shots out there! The Vortex Tunnel is the one and the only such illusion in the Arab world, and is by far the best spot in the Museum of Illusions to take that selfie!

    Location: The Gate Mall, Omar Al-Mukhtar Street, Doha, Qatar


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    Sculpted Torus at Doha Festival City

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Shutterstock

    Doha Festival City is Qatar's biggest retail, dining and entertainment and dining destination in Qatar. This mall is a great place to take those selfies you want to share with friends and family. he Sculpted Torus, made from marine-grade stainless steel that's been mirror-polished and created by visionary artist and sculptor David Harber, is the very best spot there is in this huge and spacious mall.

    Location: Shamal Road, Umm Slal Mohammed, Doha - Qatar

    The entrance at the Qatar State Grand Mosque

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Leena Chung

    The Qatar State Grand Mosque, also known as the Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque, is the biggest mosque in Qatar, and no doubt, the most beautiful and 'grand'. If you've never taken a selfie there, then that would be a great place to stop off at when you next venture out. If you take a selfie from inside the entrance, not only will you be able to capture the grandeur of this 'grand' mosque, you'll also catch the Doha skyline in the distance. What could be a better selfie than that?

    Location: Al Mohandiseen Street, Jubailat Area, Doha - Qatar

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    3D artworks at Mall of Qatar

    Inside the Mall of Qatar are these latest 3D artworks placed to create more photo opportunities for people. You can find the dolphin on the 1st-floor opposite Zara Men's main entrance and the Elephant with the Rhino on the ground floor opposite Massimo Dutti. Other selfie spots popular inside MOQ are The Oasis and various art installations like the floating woman's shoe (the Shoe), a football, Bow Ties, Golden Rings, Wall of Egrets, and Pins.

    Location: Mall of Qatar, Ar-Rayyan

    Perfect outdoor selfie spots

    The Terrace at BOHO Social

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Boho Social

    BOHO Social is casual, yet fine Bohemian-inspired restaurant, lounge and terrace in Doha. It's a picturesque and colourful restaurant with cosy interiors you'll fall in love with, and a terrace, where you can take in the views of West Bay Lagoon in the background, and relax with friends/family. The terrace is the best spot in the restaurant for that perfect image with a great landscape to add to the glory of that selfie!

    Level 2, above Katara Club, off Shakespeare Street, Doha - Qatar

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    Umbrella Walkway at Doha Corniche Metro Station

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Shutterstock

    If you've ever gotten off at the Doha Corniche Metro Station, you'll have seen the colourful umbrella walkway when you step out of the station. It's opposite the General Post Office Headquarter and quite the sight - not only to see, but also for that perfect selfie!

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    Ceremonial Court at Qatar Foundation

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Cultural Kiosk

    The Ceremonial Court at the Qatar Foundation is the passageway or corridor that lead to the area where graduation ceremonies take place. It's quite the site...fresh, pristine and all-white! What a spot to take a selfie, don't you think?

    Location: Qatar Foundation, Education City, Doha - Qata

    The Square at Msheireb Downtown Doha

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Msheireb Properties

    With the Msheireb Downtown Doha, Msheireb Properties has brought back the old centre of Doha by recreating the feeling of community and bringing Qatar's traditional roots and its culture to the forefront, and that, too, sustainably. The Square in its centre is a selfie wonder and in the evenings it may be a different colour whenever you go depending on what occasion it is. Surely, you wouldn't want to miss out on taking a selfie in the very heart of Doha!

    Location: Msheireb Properties, Doha - Qatar

    '100 Day' installation at Doha Fire Station

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Doha Fire Station

    The Doha Fire Station is the city's contemporary art space. It's dedicated to giving support to artists with its 'Artists' in Residence programme, and also showcases the artworks of local, expat and international artists. The '100 Days' installation stands outside the Doha Fire Station, and marks the first 100 days of the blockade against Qatar. It's an awesome place to get a selfie taken. Try it out!

    Mohammed Bin Thani St, Doha - Qatar

    The fountains at Lusail City

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Henna by Marzi YouTube

    Lusail City is a megaproject in Qatar by the Qatari Diar and once it's complete, it'll be one of the biggest smart cities in the world. Did you know it's already becoming one of Qatar's hottest destinations for residents of Qatar and tourists.

    Location: Lusail - Qatar

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    The garden terrace at Rosemary Cafe

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Rosemary Cafe

    If you're looking for something different, then the Rosemary Cafe in Alhazm Mall has the perfect selfie spot. This concept-based eatery is a must-take selfie place and you'll love it. The secret garden terrace area is an absolute treat for the selfie lover!

    Alhazm Mall, Hazm Al Markhiya Street, Doha -Qatar

    The bridge on the canal at Qanat Quartier

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Shutterstock

    Qanat Quartier, nestled within The Pearl - Qatar is just like a piece of Venice has been plucked from Italy and placed in Doha. It's "a private and picturesque community where Venetian charm meets Arabian chic" (The Pearl-Qatar), and has buildings that are pastel in colour, canals and piazzas where you can dine, relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Oh, and it's perfect for selfie lovers, with the best selfie spot being the bridge on the canal from where you can capture the very essence of this gorgeous part of Qatar!

    Location: The Pearl-Qatar, Doha - Qatar

    The Marina Walkway (Porto Arabia) at The Pearl-Qatar

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Shutterstock

    The Pearl-Qatar is one of Qatar's most luxurious addresses. It's a man-made Island that's been divided into 10 different precincts where you can find residences, entertainment and dining options, and lots of great selfie spots. But, the Marina Walkway Marina in Porto Arabia that overlooks the yachts anchored by their owners provides that best selfie spot on the island.

    Location: West Bay, Doha - Qatar

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    Children's Mall (Katara Plaza) at Katara Cultural Village

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Tekla Software

    Katara Cultural Village is everyone's favourite place. You can get a feel of Qatar's heritage here. It's a must-visit place for residents and visitors alike especially when the weather is cooler and people can enjoy the outdoors. Again, there are a whole lot of selfie spots here, but the Children's Mall that's designed like a huge gift box at the upcoming Katara Plaza really stands out because of its uniqueness. Could there be a better spot that this at Katara for that perfect selfie spot!

    Location: Shakespeare Street, West Bay, Doha - Qatar

    The Courtyard at the Museum of Islamic Art

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: We Blog The World

    The MIA is one of Qatar's finest museums and is a must-see attraction by visitors, adults and children alike, who visit the museum to enjoy and understand Islamic culture through the centuries via its profound art exhibits. From the courtyard, you can get the perfect view of the Corniche and Doha's magnificent skyline, and that's just what makes it the perfect selfie spot for you!

    Location: Corniche Street, West Bay, Doha - Qatar

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    Dhow Harbour at the Doha Corniche

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Shutterstock

    If you're on the Doha Corniche, not only will you enjoy the view of the sea, the Dhows which are so much a part of Qatar's heritage, but also get a magnificent view of the Doha skyline which showcases contemporary Qatar. Capturing the contemporary vs. the traditional in your selfie from the Dhow harbour with the Doha skyline in the background is the best way to sum up what Qatar symbolises in the world! And, it's the best selfie spot on the Corniche.

    Location: Corniche Street, Corniche, Doha - Qatar

    The Pearl Monument at Doha Corniche

    Best selfie spots around Doha 2020 edition
    Image credit: Shutterstock

    On the Corniche, the Pearl monument, which stands just before the Dhow Harbour, is one of Qatar's most loved monuments and one of Corniche's favourite picture spots. You'll often see people standing before it taking their selfie, and with the Dhows and the Doha skyline in the backdrop, what else could you possibly need for that awesome selfie!

    Location: Just before Dhow Harbour, Corniche Street, Corniche, Doha - Qatar

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