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Getting around


If you're going to Qatar to live or even for a visit, you're going to want to know how to get around! I'll explain all of what there is and what's coming soon to Qatar. Before starting, it's best to know that the national transport provider is by Mowasalat (that means 'connectors' in arabic because they connect you to your destination).


Qatar's bus services can take you to all of the major stops. Buses however are not commonly used by nationals since owning or renting a car can be very cheap compared to other countries. Buses are very clean, modern, and air conditioned. Using the bus is also extremely cheap.

Bus Passes (Get them at Al-Ghanem Bus Station with a Faresaver Photo Card)

One MonthQR 120
One WeekQR 30
One DayQR 6
One TripQR 2


There are three forms of taxi's in Qatar; you'll find the SMS taxis, street taxis and Limousines. SMS taxis are basically 'call' taxis that you can pre-book and call to pick you up. They are usually a bit more expensive.  Street Taxis roam the streets and can be seen in their bright aqua green colour a mile away. Always remember to ask the approximate price before climbing into any taxi. ESPECIALLY ask the price in a street taxi if he doesn't have a meter or hasn't switched his on. Sometimes you can bargain!  The best type of taxi is a limousine. These are usually slightly more expensive than an average taxi but are much more comfortable and you can usually hire them for single routes like a normal taxi or for an entire day. There are two forms of Limos; standard and VIP.

  1. A taxi in Qatar is called Karwa. Karwa is an old traditional name for a taxi that was brought back during the launch of the Asian Games 2006.

Renting cars:

Renting cars is the ideal choice if you want to get around easily. Petrol is cheap remember? Renting a car can be between 50QR a day to anything up to 1000QR depending on the car of course. The average deposit is 1500QR which covers you for damage.

The average price for filling up a standard car with premium petrol is around 50QR

Basic driving advice:

The driving side on Qatar is on the right-hand. (Like the US) Speed limits are 50km in residential areas, 80-100km on major roads and 120km on major causeways. Seatbelts are compulsory for front seat passengers. Children under the age of 10 are not allowed in the front seat It is illegal to use your mobile phone while driving. Always carry your driving license and rental documents with you at all times.

Cycling and Blading:

A lot of people like to Cycle, Blade, or Jog next to the Corniche. It's a great way to do some exercise and relax with the sea breeze. It's quite common to see expats and locals like running around and enjoying a bit of healthy activity. On Friday's though, the Corniche is considered a family area, so please don't be discouraged if you're not allowed at night for a jog and you're a single guy. At the moment Qatar is working on an amazing new project. It is going to be the worlds FIRST cooled cycling path at 35 kilometers! It will stretch along the whole of the Corniche and spray a cool mist so that you can be cooled while walking or cycling down the path. Video


A Metro/Light Railway Train (LRT) network, BRT/tram lines and a dense network of feeder buses will provide smooth access, high-frequency services and high travel speeds within the greater Doha area, and offer an attractive and effective alternative to private car transport.

The Metro light rail network will be developed in three stages, extending 140km in Doha when completed. This rail network will link all major Olympic sites, including the new international airport and port, the hotel, shopping and residential districts as well as all the major sports clusters, the Olympic Village and the 'Media City'. Construction of phase one (85km) of the rail network will begin in 2009 and will be completed by late 2015.


There currently is NO underground system, however a system will be integrated into the new city of Lusail along with Doha. The plan is to integrate the world's fastest MagLev and the world's first maglev to be both above and underground.


Qatar is investing billions of dollars on a wide range of major transport-related infrastructure projects over the next 20 years. To improve transport infrastructure and mobility in Doha, the Qatar Publick Works Authority (QPQA) / Ashghal is already undertaking numerous roads-related projects, including a number of multilane motorways and extensions to existing ring roads. Qatar has a ton of projects to look forward to, I've named a few here and there's much more on the forums. - Bahrain-Qatar Friendship Bridge. A direct link between the two countries. It'll take no more than 1 hour to drive to each country! - Qatar-AbuDhabi Future Bridge. Another direct link between two countries. This link will make Qatar the central point in the Gulf region. Inevitably causing an even larger economic boom. - In May 2003, the Monorail project was started which basically planned a system which would link Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. This is not complete yet.

For more detailed info with maps refer to the following pdf: