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Posted On: 31 August 2020 10:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

Top 5 cool things to check out at Store 974 - Qatar's PC Gaming Store

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Gamers, geeks, and technophiles! Are you ready for the new Store 974? Qatar's first PC Gaming Store has new things in store for you so check out the Top 5 cool things you need to check out when you visit! Plus, it's the brainchild of our founder, Khalifa Al Haroon, also known as Mr. Q!

1. RGB Tunnel

A warp tunnel filled with RGB leading you to a new world of epicness. Sounds cool, right? You'll get a dose of RGB not just in PCs and accessories but also in this new Instagrammable spot in the store's expanded area. First time to hear about RGB lighting? It's an acronym that stands for Red Green Blue. According to Philips, "RGB LED products combine these three colors to produce over 16 million hues of light."

2. Energy Bar

Another new spot is the store's Energy Bar where you'll get to enjoy slushies, Red Bull mocktails and unique snacks! All ages can enjoy slushies and 16+ can avail of the energy drinks. The store even has its own branded coasters to serve you with the drinks.

Store 974's Energy Bar with the comics and Game Boys on the right side

3. Comic Books

Do you like comic books? Well, you can hang out at Store 974 and read a comic for free! Some of the comic books are 40 years old and yet, still in mint condition. Isn't that awesome? And yes, you can buy the comic books too!

Just make sure you take care of them while you read in the store.

4. Game Boy

For those who grew up playing Nintendo's Game Boy, (GB) this one's for you. Aside from comic books, you can also play Nintendo GBs to make you reminisce about the good old times. You can find both the comics and the Game Boys beside the Energy Bar.

5. Keycaps, gamer bread, and more!

Why settle for a boring black keyboard? Bling it up with colorful and unique keycaps such as the rainbow fade, neon, silver or gold-plated ones. There are even lux keycaps from Zomo Plus like the Dota 2 Heart of Tarrasque Mechanical keycaps, Magnetic Pan keycaps, Kitty Paw, and One Piece! Store 974 has the biggest selection of keycaps in Qatar.

What's a gamer bread you ask? Think of bread but in a fluffy and non-edible state that will keep you company while you play. At least that's how we'd describe it. You can choose from a soft Arabic Bread blanket, a comfy bread loaf, a baguette wrist rest for the keyboard, and a croissant mouse rest. The bread even smells amazing, too!

Want to build your own custom PC? Choose from the wide selection of CPUs, chassis, GPUs, water blocks, fans, coolers, memory, monitors, motherboard, power supplies, and storage from the Store 974 website. Better yet, visit the store, get a build checklist, and approach any of the store's PC experts to help you.

They also display pre-owned gaming PCs!

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About Store 974

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